Moulinex food processor: features and functionality


THE multifunction food processor they are now indispensable appliances for all those who enjoy cooking. In fact, thanks to them, many preparations can be made saving a lot of time and in a simple way: with a single tool it is possible to mince, knead, whip, blend, and in some cases even cook some ingredients or prepare soups and baby food, without particular effort or skill.


Among the most appreciated “technological kitchen helpers”, there are those multifunction kitchen robots branded Moulinexa leading company in the sector that offers different models, suitable for any need.

Double force FP8218 Powelix

As it is easy to guess from the name, this food processor is an appliance that combines speed and power in an optimal way, thanks to the latest generation motor (with a power of 1000 W) and the innovative PowelixLife blades, coated in titanium. In fact, they mince perfectly, since they have a serrated upper part, while the lower part is smooth.

Double Force by Moulinex also has a 3 liter containerinterchangeable with the 2-liter blender bowl. Thanks to the 6 speeds and 28 integrated functions, with this robot it is possible not only to grate and chop, but also to knead, whip, etc.

Click & Cook

Click & Cook is one of the most popular products of the Moulinex brand. It is, in fact, a robot with 600 integrated recipes and various tools, such as the extremely precise digital scale, the whisk, the mixer, the steamer basket, the measuring cap and the spatula.

There are, then, 10 automatic cooking programs to steam, prepare doughs, soups, risottos, desserts etc .; 12 speeds and more than 32 versatile functions. Following the progress of the recipe step by step is very easy and fast, thanks to the touch screen.

Click Chef HF452

Similarly to the previous model, the Click Chef multifunction food processor allows you to prepare many different recipes almost automatically, thanks also to the cookbook that contains 200 recipes included.

Also in this case, the functions are 32, while the automatic programs are 9; among the integrated accessories, even the kitchen scale. Despite its compact size, the vessel’s operating capacity of 3.6 liters allows it to meet the needs of one family for up to four people.

Easy Force

Easy Force is a multifunctional food processor quick and easy to use, able to satisfy all needs in the kitchen. It is, in fact, a 700 W robot, with 20 different functions and one capacity of 2.4 litersbut with very compact dimensions that make it easy to store on worktops, shelves or shelves.

As already mentioned, one of the strengths of this robot is the simplicity and immediacy of use, which make it also suitable for beginners. In addition to the blender, there are also other 5 essential accessories included: chopper, normal grater, fine grater, coarse grater and emulsifying disc. Washing it is also very simple, since just remove all the components and put them in the dishwasher.

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