Mountain look: what to wear in case of snow!

Mountain look: what to wear in case of snow!

Warm sweaters and suitable shoes: even the snow look is chic!

Not everyone will be able to move around this year and spend their holidays in the mountains. However, the fact that it is cold does not mean that we have to dress in a not very chic way, quite the contrary! Here is a post with some useful tips to be elegant even in case of snow!

What to pack in case of snow

Timberland boots, Stella McCartney cardigan, Pinko jeans, Borsalino hat

What to wear in case of snow: prefer natural fibers in contact with the skin

When it's cold, and especially when it's snowing, even in the city, it is essential to wear some garments that are well finished and made to keep warm. Therefore, ban on synthetic fibers: prefer natural fibers such as wool and cashmere, which heat and do not sweat, especially for sweaters, hats and scarves. If you are cold, you can wear comfortable and soft wool and silk underwear that will keep your back and belly warm.

What to pack in case of snow

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What to wear in case of snow: footwear

Footwear must also be the right ones. If you want to be elegant in the city, avoid snow boots like Moon Boot and the like: those will be great for the ski slopes! In the city in case of snow, Timberland boots will be perfect. Another shoe that I really like is the Blundstone, ideal even in torrential water, which keep the foot dry and isolated.

What to wear in case of snow: the charm of the shirt

Remember that often just one garment is enough to make the difference between a classy look and a less refined one. One of these is the shirt: try to wear it under your sweater, even your grandmother's braided one, even under the tricot turtleneck. It will immediately give the whole look a more classy touch, because it will dress the neck in an elegant way without overdoing it.

What to wear in case of snow: outerwear

You know I'm not a big fan of the down jacket, but it must be said that when it snows it is ideal. If you like me do not love it so much, then wear a nice wool coat or a chunky cardigan, those with peanut-stitched sleeves: warm and super glam! And finally, don't forget the hat: with a wide brim like Borsalino, it will be decidedly more elegant than the hat!

What to pack in case of snow

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