Mourning for Morgan, goodbye to his friend Max Quinque: the memory on Instagram

Mourning for Morgan, goodbye to his friend Max Quinque: the memory on Instagram

The singer has lost one of his closest friends, the photographer Max Quinque and wanted to remember him with a tender post on Instagram

Dancing with the Stars 2021, the full cast

A sad news has reached Morgan, currently engaged in rehearsals for the debut in Dancing with the stars: Max Quinque, his great friend and photographer who has collaborated several times with him and Bluvertigo is dead.

It was the singer himself who gave the news with a long post on Instagram in which he wanted to remember his friend and some of the anecdotes that marked their relationship, made up of chats, work and moments of relaxation: “For me it could be remembered as ‘the photographer who hated straight cash, ”he said.

Morgan’s farewell to Max Quinque

“In my whole life Max is the most ‘talking’ person I’ve ever met – remembers Morgan – He was very nice, he talked, but much, much, more than me, and I don’t know if you know what I mean. He knew everything, he was truly cultured. And he had a lot to say and he said it, we liked him very much and we worked very willingly. He played with the same speed with which he spoke ”. Between them there was no lack of moments of confrontation: “In the overwhelming flow of words it was obvious that there were invectives and criticisms, also because he was very intelligent and when the criticisms come from a mind that thinks fast and creative they are always small masterpieces, aphorisms or sensational paradoxes “.

In the post, which also continues among the comments, between anecdotes and memories, Morgan shared one of the covers made by his friend for Bluvertigo. “We had talked a lot with Max about what the cover of the album we were recording was supposed to be like and that he too listened to every day watching us at work.”

The common passion for music

“Max played, all right, with the same speed and amount of information with which he spoke he played the electric guitar and guitarists know something about it when Max came to the rehearsal room and picked up a guitar and knocked us down with solos that we couldn’t understand. he had been doing since he was fast. Once I remember that I was st *** o because I bypassed the distortion device while he was playing and suddenly we realized what really sounded under that armor of metal evil that is something very different. It was as if he had been completely naked “, continues Morgan, who in celebrating his friend is a river full of memories.

Chi era Max Five

Massimo Quinque lived and worked between Milan and New York. During his career he has made numerous reports on politics and customs as a freelance. He has collaborated with several numerous magazines and followed the development of the political situation in countries of the Far East: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Borneo, Thailand, Burma, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Back in Italy in 1983, he worked on fashion and advertising for the main communication operators. He has collaborated with the most famous Italian singer-songwriters and rockers and, as Morgan recalls, he was the photographer of the covers of Bluvertigo (Zero, Fuori dal tempo, La Crisis, Canone inverso) and Fabrizio De Andrè (Nuvole, Anime salve) “and of many other beautiful, original, modern, experimental, strong, crazy, cultured things that have left their mark “.

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