Mourning in fashion: farewell to Stella Tennant, 90s icon

Stella Tennant

The supermodel of the 90s had recently reached the milestone of 50 years, the family has communicated the sudden disappearance

If you ask anyone to name a supermodel, the name that will come out will almost certainly be that of one of the supermodels who walked the catwalks in the 90s, the golden age for the fashion system, where there is no show. 'they were simple beauties wearing the clothes of the most famous designers, but real celebrities: Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Claudia Schiffer are some of these names and women who with their incredible beauty have brought fashion into everyone's homes .

Stella Tennant was one of them, one of the queens of the catwalk, and the world today learns of her sudden passing. The family issued an official statement calling her "a wonderful woman, an inspiration to us all".

The causes of death are still unknown and a spokesman for the family said that the police have already ruled out circumstances that could be considered "suspicious". What happened to Stella then? Unfortunately, there is still no official news on the actual cause of death.

Stella Tennant had just turned 50 a few days ago, Scottish and of aristocratic origins, she began her modeling career at just 23 years old, when she was noticed at the Winchester School of Art she was attending at that time, at the end of a scholastic path of everything respect.

In the fashion shows, she was the one with a nose piercing and an androgynous style, with an often short haircut that made people talk like Charlene of Monaco's bold hairstyle now stands out. Stella Tennant was one of Karl Lagerfeld's inspiring muses who chose her as the face of Chanel, picking up the inheritance of Claudia Schiffer who had held that prestigious role before her.

In her long career as a model, Stella has posed for the most famous covers: Vogue, Numéro and Harper's Bazaar to name a few.

Stella Tennant, married with 4 children, despite having greeted the catwalks for some time in recent years had embraced the cause of a less consumerist and more sustainable fashion, aimed at reducing the environmental impact of the clothing industry and the so-called "fast fashion ". She, who knew fashion well, understood how important it was not only to wear it, but also to carry a message with you to the public.

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