Movement, nutrition and restful sleep, the cocktail of health

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Fitwalking: to protect our health and to maintain a good psycho-physical balance

Fitwalking. Keep in mind this word, coined by the Olympic champion Maurizio Damilano, to remember how moving regularly, obviously together with a healthy diet and the right rest, is one of the most effective strategies for staying healthy.

We are reminded by the experts who, in the context of SaluTO – Medicine and Wellness, will be live on the web on Saturday 26 September from 7 pm from the Teatro Regio in Turin. Together with Damilano, Olympic champion, creator of fitwalking, MAP Italia srl, will be present Simona Bo, associate professor of Nutrition Sciences at the University of Turin and Fabio Broglio, associate professor of Endocrinology at the University of Turin.

The experience of the champion

“For me to move, doing sport has always been a lifestyle since I was a kid – says Damilano. It then became a professional aspect of an athlete, and for 20 years I dedicated myself to competitive activity, but I always had that desire and that idea that sport is above all a practice that enriches you from a physical and mental.

At the end of the long sporting period I felt, with my brother Giorgio, who is also an Olympian in the march, the desire to give reality to this feeling by trying to launch something that, as an extension of our sports history as walkers, could allow people to enter an active lifestyle in a simple way feeling sporty through an exercise part of our daily life, and fitwalking was born.

The important thing is to feel like a sportsman anyway, even while walking. This happens especially if the way of walking becomes more correct. If you use a technique that allows you to make the best use of the gestures and biomechanics of walking. To feel good, to protect our health, to maintain a good psycho-physical balance, walking is a very useful means. I would almost call it "Columbus's egg" of our health. For decades, society has marginalized human locomotion in favor of motor locomotion, today we have finally returned to see that without movement our system goes haywire and so many damages are highlighted that we find in particular in the proliferation of chronic non-communicable diseases: obesity, diabetes, cardio-circulatory problems and even some types of cancer ".

We sleep well to feel better

Good sleep quality plays an important role in affecting physical and mental health.

"Sleep restriction is a risk factor for obesity and metabolic diseases and is associated with less healthy eating habits. In fact, reducing the hours of sleep can lead to increased appetite, a tendency to consume snacks, intake of a greater amount of calories, reduced sensitivity to the effects of insulin, less exercise and weight gain – says Bo.

Happy awakening

A vicious circle can therefore be established in which weight gain leads to a worsening of sleep quality which in turn predisposes to further weight gain, a circle that is often difficult to interrupt and potentially very dangerous for the health of the individual " . Final curiosity: to sleep well, “how” we eat also counts. "It has been seen that a long time interval between the last meal of the day and that of the next day (at least 12 hours) is particularly" beneficial "for the metabolism.

Eating late in the evening is instead unfavorable as it worsens insulin resistance, a condition that is at the root of many diseases, including diabetes mellitus – recalls the expert. In addition, the evening meal involves a lower "expenditure" of energy by the body (diet-induced thermogenesis) compared to the same meal consumed in the morning, with the same calories, an unfavorable condition since it predisposes to weight gain ".

Movement, nutrition and restful sleep, the cocktail of health

Live web – Saturday 26 September – 7.00 pm

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