Movement, the importance of following the body's clock

Physical activity must be managed paying attention to choose the most suitable time slot

Even in summer we must remember to exercise. regular movement is good for you and helps keep fit, as well as helping you to keep your weight under control and fight joint, bone and muscle problems.

Only you have to make efforts at the right time, especially in this period of great heat. But what is the right time for training? Everyone has to choose the period of the day in which they feel most fit, exercising at their best, obviously without romping in the hottest hours.

But if the goal of moving – with a jog, a swim or the like – is metabolism control, choosing the best time slot is even more important.

There are those who recommend in the evening

According to research conducted on animal models, trying to replicate the rhythms of those who wear shoes, t-shirts and shorts, for the metabolism it would be better in the evening. The response, which however should not be considered definitive, comes from a study published in Cell Metabolism and conducted at the University of Copenhagen.

The scientists carried out their investigations in experimental animals, first of all by adapting mice to the human sleep-wake cycle, that is, making them stay awake during the day and rest at night, just like humans.

Then the animals were subjected to specific training using small platforms intended for movement, focusing attention on the organism's responses based on the time of day.

By adapting what happens in animals to the rhythms of the day of human beings, it has been seen that the effects of training on the body are not identical in the evening and in the morning. In particular, the habit of running or otherwise moving in the morning leads to an activation of the genes that regulate the activity of muscle cells. In this way it is possible to better metabolize sugars, with obvious impacts on the future risk of diabetes, and fats.

But this action on metabolism, typical of morning activity, is contrasted by the possible value of evening training: the gym, running, swimming in the hours approaching the night can promote energy consumption and therefore help well-being.

In short, the evening, in terms of energy consumption, allows mice to feel better. Everyone has their own time, one might say, also based on the objectives. If you need to aim for weight loss, evening energy consumption can really be helpful. Obviously, it is not a golden rule that remains valid for everyone: everyone must adapt their performance to the choices they consider most useful for their well-being.

Beware of sleep

One last tip. If you choose the evening hours for physical activity, in any case, remember to cut out the right spaces after the movement, to allow the body to make the most of the activity of the endorphins produced during exertion.

Otherwise, if you shower quickly and then try to go under the sheets, falling into Morpheus' arms can be difficult. In all cases, we respect the autonomous clock, without hands, of our body. Our body follows its own rhythms for sleep, nutrition, movement. Altering them is never indicated.

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