Movie Barbie drinks it every day. Take 10 zlotys and run to the pharmacy

Movie Barbie drinks it every day.  Take 10 zlotys and run to the pharmacy

Even before the movie “Barbie” hit the cinemas, the eyes of the whole world turned to Margot Robbie, who plays the title role. No wonder, after all, Barbie in the movie can boast of an impeccable figure and complexion that many of us would envy. The secret of the flawless skin of the actress was revealed by an expert working in the production of the film.

Movie Barbie drinks it every day.  Take 10 zlotys and run to the pharmacy

If you suspected that the secret of Barbie’s complexion – that is Margot Robbie – lies in horrendously expensive cosmetic procedures, then you may be quite surprised. Jasmina Vico, a skin condition expert who has worked with actresses from the hit production, focused on skin care “from the inside out”.

– It’s Barbie. She just has to look perfect. My task was to create this characteristic glow on the skin (…). In the cinema, everything outside is a matter of lighting. Then I thought: ok, then we will work on the liver, calm the nervous system, that is, try to get this glow from the inside – admitted the expert in an interview with American Vogue.

“Barbie” – skin like a doll?

Vico explained that both Robbie and the other Barbie actresses regularly drank milk thistle tea.

Milk thistle, also called “holy thistle” or “St. Marii”, looks like a weed we know from native meadows and backyards. Unfortunately, this particular species does not occur in Poland. Milk thistle is native to the Mediterranean and is now found in Southeast Europe, North Africa and Asia.

On the other hand, we can get ready-to-use dried or ground milk thistle powder in virtually every pharmacy. The price per package depends on the type of product selected. On the Internet, you can find milk thistle supplements, the price of which exceeds PLN 200. But there are also much cheaper solutions. And so, for 200 grams of dried ground milk thistle fruit we will pay from 7 to 15 zlotys.

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Milk thistle – properties

As Jasmina Vico mentioned, milk thistle owes its fascinating properties to its effect on the liver. It prevents damage to liver cells, preventing toxins from binding to their surface. In addition, it has a cytoprotective effect, i.e. it relieves oxidative stress, restoring the internal balance of the body and preventing the proliferation of the so-called free radicals.

What’s more, milk thistle also reduces the risk of liver cancer. And this is due to the fact that it inhibits the division of cancer cells.

– When we consume milk thistle, our liver automatically produces more glutathione, which makes the skin more radiant. An important ingredient is also silymarin, which is now often used in caring cosmetic formulas – explains the expert.

Milk thistle tea – Barbie’s recipe

The film skin expert also shared with the film fans the recipe for the best milk thistle infusion. Vico advises to brew milk thistle for 20 minutes. Usually, two teaspoons of ground milk thistle, covered with hot water, are enough. The first effects should be visible after two weeks of regular use of the treatment.

Keep in mind that like all herbs, milk thistle can have some side effects. In this case, there are no reports of other complaints than abdominal pain and laxative effect. However, any symptoms of malaise that appear after taking the supplement should be consulted with a pharmacist or doctor.