Movie breakfast: the nutritionist's advice

Movie breakfast: the nutritionist's advice

Breakfast has always been a very important meal, even in our film culture

What to eat for breakfast, to ensure that the meal is balanced and allows us to start the day with a burst of energy? What we consume in the morning has great importance for our well-being, so much so that breakfast itself has become a fundamental moment – even in the world of cinema.

Many films talk about this first meal of the day, starting with the famous cult Breakfast at Tiffany's. And in each of these masterpieces, very different eating habits are brought to the stage. We can take a cue from all this to find our ideal breakfast, without forgetting of course the cardinal principles to bring to the table the right foods with which to start the morning. On the other hand, according to a research by the Doxa / Unionfood Observatory, 88% of Italians have the correct habit of having breakfast.

Dr. Valeria Del Balzo, biologist and nutritionist at the La Sapienza University of Rome, talks to us about the importance of this custom: "Breakfast is the moment in which we supply the body with energy after an overnight fast. Skipping it completely, without eating anything else before lunch, not only makes you too hungry for the next meal but, to compensate for hunger, you risk eating disordered during the rest of the day ". In fact, several researches have shown that frequently the habit of not eating in the morning is related to overweight or obesity.

“Io commincio bene”, the Italian breakfast lover portal, explains – in collaboration with Dr. Del Balzo – what are the tips for bringing a healthy and balanced breakfast to the table. Variation is the key word: always consuming the same foods can be not only not fun, but also limiting from a nutritional point of view. Not just coffee and croissants: adding something new to the meal from time to time allows us to take in a great variety of nutrients essential for our well-being.

The time we dedicate to breakfast is also important: “By eating slowly we chew even better. This is an advantage for the digestive process because we first reach the sense of fullness in our stomach, from which a hormonal response is sent to the brain to signal the interruption of the meal "- explains Dr. Del Balzo. Eating slowly to feel full faster is a very useful trick even for those on a diet, because it allows you to introduce fewer calories at each meal.

Breakfast is also a fundamental moment of aggregation and conviviality. Taking some time to consume it in peace with our family is also good for the spirit. And in times of Covid, when for many people the daily rhythms have inevitably slowed down, we have been able to experience the benefits: “In this sense, the lockdown could have been, as far as breakfast is concerned, an advantage. Without the haste to leave the house, without the children to take to school, we were able to appreciate more the possibility of sitting at the table to have breakfast in peace with our loved ones ”- explains Dr. Valeria Del Balzo. A habit that we should keep in the future, whenever possible.

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