Muccino: “Face it? Only in the cinema. In life I am the last of the romantics "

Muccino: “Face it? Only in the cinema. In life I am the last of the romantics "

Silvio Muccino

The Silvio Muccino is very different from the one we met at the press conference to present his latest film, The laws of desire, which will be released in theaters on February 26. More mature, more laid and certainly more thoughtful. It will be thanks to the character who plays in the film, the life coach Giovanni Canton, who helps people to regain their self-confidence by learning to look inside themselves and to forgive their faults …

How much is Silvio Muccino in the life coach Giovanni Canton?
Unfortunately, there is little of me in Canton. He is a character who, for better or for worse, has vices and defects that are not mine. But also virtue, because I have to say that playing Canton on the screen was a lot of fun, it was nice to wear that mask. Such a tough face is wonderful: I danced, I did anything in this film and its safety was contagious. What I fortunately have and that Giovanni does not have is introspection, the understanding that beyond that mask, beyond what you present to the world, there is a person. Giovanni escapes from this idea, while in these years I have deliberately dealt with this, I tried to look at what my weak points are, my weaknesses, to understand then what I wanted to do, that I wanted to become. This is also the element that unites me to Giovanni Canton, because in the end we take the same path, a journey that leads you to confront yourself. We all dream of being superheroes but then we have to face reality, with all our frailties, which we must have the courage to recognize and not to hide. The role of life coaches is precisely this: it offers the possibility to improve yourself, to break your limits of mistrust, cynicism, pessimism or fear. The message of the film – even if I hate this term – is that everyone must find their own life coach, their own inner path.

Is your ideal woman more like Matilde (shy, insecure and very sweet editor's note) or Jennifer (aggressive and dominant editor's note)?
To Matilde. I must say that I fell in love with Matilde, he is a wonderful character. This is a very romantic film and Matilde is a character out of time, who has no cynicism, is not skilled, as many women today are. Matilde is unique and out of time and that is a characteristic that always kidnaps me in a woman.

Where did the idea of ​​making a film about a life coach come from?
It was born from the Internet, since Carla Vangelista, the author of the film, while we were working on the idea of ​​a romantic comedy, she came to me and showed me a video of Anthony Robbins, a life coach perhaps among the most famous in the world. This video shocked me because it was truly a great show that had something shamanic inside: I saw a man dancing and then shaking people's conscience; he walked on hot coals and then spoke of willpower. It was truly the clearest and most precise photograph of this historical moment, including Italy, also because the Internet is the place dedicated to life coaches, teeming with these figures. And I realized that in a moment of bewilderment like this, in which the crisis generates more frustrations than satisfactions, this reference figure was born, saying "I have the solution in my pocket" and it was inevitable therefore to want to bring this figure on the screen.

They called you "the last of the romantics". What do you think about it?
They defined me so because in fact The laws of desire is in all respects a romantic comedy, complete with a "happy ending". The happy ending is actually my reality, my way of conveying optimism in the film, which in this way slips from life coach to real life. In these years I always had the spotlight on me and I could not separate life on the stage from the real one. Then I educated myself to do it, to live with the lights off and to have a dimension that was outside the stage.

The laws of desire is in fact a real romantic comedy …
To draw this film, I was inspired by the great Amercian comedies, first of all Harry I introduce you to Sally. And then to those with Jerry Lewis, Cary Grant, I even mention in the film Frank Capra. There are two types of romantic comedy: the Italian one, which is more ironic, more detached from sentiment, and the American one, which looks at sentiment with less detachment. In American comedies the feeling goes hand in hand with the comedy, it must remain there, well defined and this is what I wanted to recreate, even with the lights, the scenes that keep you there, in that limbo of romance, and above all with music . For this reason, the choice to call Peter Cincotti for the soundtrack, to recreate that atmosphere, because the Italians do not have that feeling in their DNA.

Love is the answer?
There is a big mistake that has been made lately and that is doing very badly to Italian cinema: one is defined as "cynical" or "romantic", and there is nothing in the middle. In my opinion, cinema must excite, who goes to the cinema must try something, it is the spectator who ultimately decides. I don't believe that "love is the answer", but I believe that the answer is love for ourselves, the acceptance of our limits and ourselves.

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