Multitasking cosmetics: the must-haves for even and natural skin

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The world of beauty is changing and this also passes through multitasking cosmetics: one product, multiple functions. Here’s why you need to know them and which ones to bet on.

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Less is more, who doesn’t know this iconic phrase? A perfect phrase even when it comes to make-up, especially if you have little time and you have to find easy, fast and, at the same time, complete solutions to avoid being always late or running on the to-do list of the day, without however, giving up a neat and tidy appearance.

To do this, you don’t have to sacrifice the time dedicated to your daily beauty routine: the solution is multitasking cosmetics, formulas that contain different functions in a single product, all designed to make daily make-up easier and guarantee you a radiant, uniform and smooth skin. imperfections.


  • What are multitasking products
  • The benefits of a multitasking foundation
  • Why buy multitasking products
  • How to use multitasking products

What are multitasking products

If the hectic life is now on the agenda, it is not for this reason that it is necessary to overshadow the pampering dedicated to the skin. Indeed, when the face is tired it is even more important to take a few moments to take care of yourself and feel more beautiful, simply by speeding up the times and taking advantage of the benefits of multitasking products.

The world of make-up is full of them: from the foundation that, in a single formula, also contains primer and concealer, for a smooth, uniform and chromatically perfect complexion all day long, to the lip tints that, if necessary, become luminous blushes and , why not, colorful eyeliner. Last, but not least, bronzers and bronzers that, in no time at all, turn into eye shadows for a natural look, or allow you to give tone and color to the eyebrows that need it.

These all in one products not only save space in the beauty case but also make make-up time easier and perfect for any occasion, even for last-minute touch-ups.

The benefits of a multitasking foundation

Among the various proposals that work on several fronts, the product that must never be missing is definitely the foundation, in its 3in1 formulation that combines primer, concealer and foundation.

For a state of the art make-up it is essential to start from a good face base, which however takes time and may not be so simple to make and within everyone’s reach, especially for those who are beginners or are unfamiliar with beauty products.

In fact, being able to obtain a smooth and uniform base is a job that requires many steps: we start with the primer which, in addition to making the foundation last all day, allows you to correct discolorations and smooth the skin; then move on to the foundation, which must be of the right texture and color, as well as being applied without errors or accumulations of product for a uniform complexion; and then finish with the corrector which, even in this case, can act on several fronts by correcting imperfections.

Different products, different brushes, different methods and application times: a real challenge. That’s why the 3in1 foundation is the revolutionary multitasking product for those who want a smooth, even and flawless complexion. The right choice for a face with a matte satin finish, long-lasting and with a pleasant sensation both on application and on the skin. Three functions – primer, concealer and foundation – in one product that will not only help you reduce your make-up application time but will work all day for you, making your skin flawless.

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The merit goes to technology, which is increasingly attentive to the needs of today’s women, which has given new life to a product that is already known and loved. From the addition of micro powders to regulate the shine caused by sebum to the presence of soft focus microspheres for a satin allure, up to the “Flexi-hold” technology that makes the foundation elastic, avoiding the formation of unsightly wrinkles and creases on the face: this foundation meets the needs of every face.

Why buy multitasking products

When the agenda is always full and time limited for anything, multitasking products come into play that allow you to carve out a moment for your skin. Not only in the morning, just think of the on-the-go touch-ups: a single product to fix make-up after a long day and before a dinner or an aperitif: a single application, quick and easy, which will revive your make-up. up and to your skin.

Thinking about beauty in a different way and from a new perspective can lead to the discovery of positive sides also for sustainability: all in one cosmetics are also a way to save, for example, on plastic packaging, their production and, finally, their disposal.

And the trips? This is where multitasking make-up products come into play: small beauty products for great results, even on vacation or for a weekend away.

How to use multitasking products

If you are scared of applying these cosmetics, do not worry. Using this type of make-up products corresponds to the use of the classic products that we are used to layer on our face every day. So, once you have established the right and correct beauty routine, follow the steps that will enrich and make your skin perfect step by step.

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