Multitasking mothers: the 10 "superpowers" of women when they become mothers

Multitasking mothers: the 10 "superpowers" of women when they become mothers

How many things can a mom do in just 10 minutes? Let's close our eyes and think about it: any of us found ourselves in these situations

It is said that a woman can do ten things simultaneously and meanwhile think of the eleventh. But if the woman already has the reputation of a multitasking creature, the situation changes drastically when she becomes a mother.

Stop for a second, take a breath and try to answer this question: how many things are you able to start, perform and finish in just ten minutes? There are many more than you could imagine. And if you can, the reason is clear: a mother acquires unimaginable energies, mental capacities and even physical abilities before having a child.

In just 10 minutes, for example, we can prepare our children to go to school. It doesn't matter how many they are, how bad they are or how bad they are. From the sweater to the string of the shoe, in ten minutes the mission is accomplished. And the eleventh can already leave the house. Of course, otherwise what is the taste?

Having children, as we know, considerably increases the number of weekly and (in extreme cases) daily washing machines. Good: a mother in 10 minutes is able to empty the washing machine, load a new one, spread out, change the sheets and while giving the bathroom a clean wipe, it never hurts. Try asking a man to do the same …

Our little one could even get out of school and inform us of something we didn't know. For example, a little party organized there in the afternoon with a dozen little friends, organized in our house. A mother is not frightened by these blitzes and in a flash the house is ready. Overturned situation: is there the best friend's party and do you have to give him a present? No problem, time of a few minutes (including shrieks) and a mother has already prepared the perfect solution. Another case, the most extreme of all: the costume party. But even here it is not even necessary to cross the wall of the quarter of an hour, our beauty case and our wardrobe provide in a flash a thousand solutions both for a disguise to the height of the situation and to break through the wall of distrust that any child will erect in the our comparisons.

Then, between one race and another, there can even happen 10 minutes of real truce. Don't be wasted: a mother is able to use them to revolutionize the arrangement of furniture in the bedroom (especially if there are brothers close to the civil war), organize the menu for the whole week, do the shopping if necessary, get a manicure or even completely make up (especially when babies are still sleeping).

Finally the most important thing. The mind of our children runs fast and sometimes makes bad jokes. But a mother is there also for this: and in 10 minutes she can drive away evil monsters hidden under the bed, make the darkness of the bedroom luminous and in general transform sadness and fear into good humor and joy. It only takes 10 minutes. And a mother will give her baby all the love she needs.

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