Music therapy for children: 5 reasons for not giving up its effects

Music therapy for children: 5 reasons for not giving up its effects

Music has surprising effects especially for children, not only relaxes but can also cure

Music is good. It is undeniable from every point of view. For this reason it is also recommended by doctors for children of all ages. Many difficulties and problems can be solved for both teenagers and children. Music therapy is also effective in alleviating tension, family or school problems. Also useful for dyslexics as it helps to express themselves. Music makes children happy.

Music therapy is considered an excellent therapy even for premature babies. In many hospitals there is a space where it is possible to recreate the sounds of the womb and to help newborns through contact with parents, particularly with their voice. Parents singing can be really relaxing for children, it reduces heart rate, improves breathing and sleep.

The therapeutic power of music therapy is an excellent ally even for autistic children. It favors a sort of openness to the world thanks to its non-verbal language. Music and rhythm are channels linked to every place and situation, starting from the intrauterine environment. Through the melody we learn to listen, it helps in the movements, in the development and in the relationship with others.

Music is a great help to reduce tension, temporary detachment from parents, as well as problems relating to relationships with other children. But it is equally important to create music. For children it is a sort of liberation, they learn and at the same time have fun, at school as well as at home, at any age and with any instrument, without necessarily knowing the musical notes.

Music also has effects on an unconscious level. Making the children draw with background music can bring out their creativity, of their sides that they wouldn't know how to put into words and you might be amazed. As well as other activities like collage, knitting, origami. Art combined with music is an ideal way to make a child feel free to express himself.

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