Mussels stuffed with sauce, all the Mediterranean on the table with a few moves

cozze ripiene al sugo

Very fresh molluscs, very fresh tomatoes: two ingredients are enough to prepare a second fairytale dish Stuffed mussels with sauce

Stuffed mussels with sauce are excellent on any occasion and also very easy to prepare. A rich second dish, which immediately makes you company.

stuffed mussels with sauce


And with the sauce we can also season a nice plate of pasta. Simple, direct, genuine, a dish that must be among our favorites.

Mussels stuffed with sauce, tomato is also important

If we do not prepare this recipe in the summer and therefore do not have fresh tomatoes at hand, just use the peeled tomatoes, or the ready-made tomato sauce (better if made by us)



700 g of mussels, shell included
250 g of pecorino
180 g grated stale bread
2 large eggs
80 ml of water
2 sprigs of marjoram
1 clove of garlic
pepper as needed
For the sauce:
1 kg of Pachino or datterini tomatoes
2 cloves of garlic
120 ml of extra virgin olive oil
3 basil leaves
salt up to taste
1 teaspoon of red pepper


Let’s start with the tomato sauce. We put a pot full of water on the fire and when it starts to boil we dip the tomatoes, after having washed them well. It will take 1 minute to make them rise to the surface and then peel them very easily.
We pour all the tomatoes into the jug of a mixer, then blend them. Then we take a wide pan and pour extra virgin olive oil together with the two peeled garlic cloves. We light it on a high flame and wait for the garlic to take on color.
At that point we add smoothies along with the chopped basil leaves, season with salt and leave to cook over medium heat for 20 minutes. Halfway through cooking, season with a teaspoon of chilli, then when it is ready, turn it off and let it rest.

Let’s move on to mussels, starting with the filling. In a bowl we put the stale bread, passed with the grater, add the pecorino, the eggs, the chopped marjoram, 1 clove of minced garlic, 80 ml of water and some ground pepper to taste. We mix everything directly with our hands and keep aside.
We wash and clean the mussels, eliminating the external bissi. Then open them without removing the two valves and insert the filling we have prepared inside the mussel.
When all the mussels are ready, re-ignite over low heat under the sauce and gently place the stuffed mussels, nice tight together. Let it cook for about 15 minutes, then turn it off and serve. We serve everything hot.

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