Must-have red lipstick for summer: how do you wear it at 40?

Must-have red lipstick for summer: how do you wear it at 40?

The red lipstick, in all its shades, is the must of the summer 2022: here’s how to bring it to 40 years in an impeccable way.

Many women tend to think that, at 40, red lipstick is no longer a viable alternative too lightly. This is not the case at all, especially when summer arrives!

Red lipstick summer 40 years


Most Italian women own fair complexion, brown hair and dark eyes. In winter, the contrast between these colors increases dramatically, as the skin is not tanned. At this time of the year, however, we are willing to throw ourselves into more challenging make-up, perhaps giving in to the temptation of an important eye make-up and a challenging lipstick.

In the summer, however, the general rule would impose a aim for more basic and lighter make-up, opting possibly for nude look, especially on the lips.

But the rules are meant to be broken! Especially in the summer of 2022, many beauty brands are focusing on red in all its shades.

How do you wear red lipstick in the summer after 40?

The red lipstick in winter has a lot of “snow white effect”, especially if we have very dark eyes and hair. For this reason, especially after 40, we often prefer to avoid wearing it. Fortunately, this problem does not arise in the summer.

red lipstick 40 years


In fact, when the skin tans, the contrast with the other intense colors inevitably fades. This means that red lipsticks look great on tanned skin, because they look less demanding and less flashy.

They therefore lend themselves perfectly to day and evening tricksdepending on the combination with a simple or more elaborate eye make-up.

Of course, the success of a summer make-up with red lipstick lies in theguess the right lipstick according to the color of your own incarnate but also al color of your own subdued.

This because color harmony is essential to feel comfortable with an intense color like red, which will always bring the focus to the lips.

The red best for those who tans little are the Coral red for a warm undertone it’s a raspberry red (therefore tending to purple) for the cold undertone.

With a skin that tans enough the recommended shades are the orange red for those with warm undertones and wine red if you have cold undertones.

In the end, who tans really a lot you can safely opt for a intense ruby ​​red with a cool undertone or a coppery red if you have a warm undertone.

The importance of the make-up base

From the age of 35 onwards, the skin of the face begins to lose tone and fullness slightly. This means that the first expression lines begin to appear is that the pores of the skin begin to dilate.

Obviously an eye-catching make-up highlights these small imperfections of the face, therefore it is it is essential to create a perfect make-up base, it suffices precisely on the needs of mature skin.

THE ideal products to create an ideal make-up base for mature skin are:

  • a very light foundation, which therefore does not tend to accumulate in the pores of the skin and fine lines
  • a concealer suitable for hiding dark circles, which must be of an appropriate color to neutralize the discoloration and not too light (let’s not forget that we have tanned skin) so as not to make us look sickly.
  • always with regard to dark circles will need apply the crescent concealer, to prevent the face from appearing longer and more relaxed than it already is.

Once all the products have been applied it will be essential blend them very well with a beauty blender sponge, a very precious ally after the age of 40, because it allows you to eliminate excess makeup and prevent wrinkles from appearing more visible.

Prepare your mouth for the lipstick

Red lipstick, as we have said, very much attracts the observer’s attention to the lips of the wearer.

For this reason the lip contour must be super neat And the lips must be perfectly smooth.

It will be crucial, for example avoid the “barcode” effect taking care to minimize wrinkles around the lips with appropriate treatments.

Furthermore it will be necessary always perform a careful lip scrub in order to avoid that crusts and cracks remain visible even under the color of the make-up. For mature skin the ideal is to opt for one DIY scrub: here is the easiest recipe in the world, to be made with just two ingredients and a minute of time.

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