Must read motivation books

Must read motivation books

Do you need an extra dose of energy and self-esteem? Then mark these titles right away: they are the motivational books you can't miss

Reading a motivational book, in many cases, could also show you the way to the definitive turning point and a radical and clearly positive change in one's existence. Personal growth books are therefore a very effective and at the same time economical tool, perfect for improving certain aspects of people's personal life. The offer is always very wide and this leaves room for a considerable margin of choice, especially for those who are still at the beginning of the journey. Furthermore, choosing the motivational book that best suits your needs is not a trivial matter: we always recommend starting with titles that deal with the themes closest to your life and, why not, those in which you are most lacking.

Furthermore, a book on personal growth, if read at the right time, can certainly give the right positive energy to move us from laziness. Before continuing, it is good to clarify some aspects about the world of motivational books and everything behind it: while reading the book you have chosen, you should definitely not expect sudden changes in a short time, as it is important to work consistently. and patience. The will to improve and change is only within us, everyone is the creator of himself. What is written in a book, then, is something that has already been heard over the years, probably from the elderly aunt or from one's parents and that we have acquired over time: the best advice on how to implement the change, you can undoubtedly find them in a book for personal growth.


  • How to read a motivational book
  • 1. Rich father, poor father
  • 2. The miracle morning
  • 3. The alchemist
  • 4. The seven rules to be successful
  • 5. How to treat others and make friends

How to read a motivational book

First of all, keep in mind that a motivational book is not the same as a magic potion for which everything changes wonderfully. Nor will it do all the work for you: the effect of the same depends on your mentality and will. In this regard, it would be important to consider some common mistakes to avoid such as, for example, thinking that a motivational book is the instant solution to the problem: absolutely not! It is just the tool for learning to understand how to solve a tough problem. The book could also contain many different and new notions, but they will certainly not be implemented in a short time and within 24 hours.

Also remember that your life is guided by not indifferent habits and automatisms, which are an integral part of the actions you carry out every day and therefore it will not be the motivational book you purchased that will completely overturn your modus operandi. Or rather, the book will surely show you the right way for a flourishing change. Finally, a motivational text cannot guarantee you a certain strength for a long period of time, but rather the initial push in the right direction: as we have already stated, it is your job to always proceed straight, with patience and dedication. If you plan to start reading a book for personal growth, do not start with paradoxical expectations, but very balanced to avoid unpleasant surprises.

1. Rich father, poor father

Rich Father, Poor Father is a motivational book that you have surely heard of on several occasions, especially in the field of financial education. This text is certainly in support of financial literacy, as well as independence and wealth creation.
This book has been a great success because it provides advice through the basic concepts of finance on how to learn to change the vision of things and start living a better life.

And all this is told through the eyes of two boys with completely opposite fathers in the way of living the world: a father, so to speak, poor, a simple employee who strongly believes in the value of education; and a certainly rich and wealthy father, a strong entrepreneur, who is convinced that the real secret is precisely the correct management of money and property. We propose this as a sort of obligatory reading even if you have already acquired considerable awareness of scholastic and entrepreneurial values.

2. The miracle morning

A real bestseller, written by Hal Elrod and hugely successful: we propose The miracle morning among the best personal growth books ever. It has in fact given way to a real movement that includes many people, who change advice and help in the community, but also on social networks of greater impact. Learn the correct way to wake up in the morning because it can really miraculously change your day. We are talking about a very effective method, now used by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world and which is an example of the simplest method to adopt to get to live a definitely satisfying life.

A sort of program that, with the passage of time, will teach you to abandon the usual patterns of mediocrity and improve the quality of life. You will find that it is important to sleep only as long as it takes your body to recharge, and that you need more to feel really good in life. Elord offers a 30-day program marked by exercises, affirmations, writing, meditation, reading and visualization. It is a text for everyone, very fluent and with an easy and intuitive style. It certainly boasts the overwhelming sympathy of the author himself.

3. The alchemist

The alchemist is certainly included in the ranking of the most beautiful motivational books of all time and always. A fast-paced and engaging book, a story perfectly capable of motivating from within and pushing the reader to immediate action. The alchemist is the one who manages to extrapolate the good even from negative or apparently disastrous situations. Throughout the narrative, in fact, Santiago faces a series of difficulties that he will then overcome only thanks to his tenacity and willpower. The protagonist teaches that the best thing to do in critical and adverse circumstances is precisely to be able to exploit them to create a new opportunity. And therefore the message that Coelho wants to give is very clear and direct: to work to the best of your ability to create your own destiny, to achieve what you want most in the world and also to make the most of negative episodes. Coelho wants to teach the people to act just like an alchemist.

4. The seven rules to be successful

Now let's talk about rules in the true sense of the word and, to be precise, about Covey's The Seven Rules to Succeed: one of the most innovative motivational and managerial books of recent times. The title, quite misleading, could almost suggest that those who approach this book are about to study a sort of school manual, but we are happy to deny it all. It is not a subsidiary, nor a list of rules to follow, much less a job description. Rather, we are talking about an integrated approach whose purpose is to learn how to organize one's life in a profitable way and obtain results in line with one's personal and professional expectations.

The method suggested by the book, if well applied, certainly allows you to increase your skills and work hard so that your professional goals can be fully realized. To undertake this path, however, it is very important to have a great mental openness and an involvement so strong and such as to allow you to discover the most appropriate way of working on yourself. Finally, the book teaches that, in order to be successful, it is good to review and reflect on one's daily habits, attitudes and behaviors, so that the change can be properly tangible.

5. How to treat others and make friends

This volume is obviously considered to be among the best personal growth books on the market and we can firmly say that Dale Carnegie made a splash. Some people seem to have a strong and amazing power: they are perfectly able to fascinate others and capture their attention with a disarming ease. And they are then able to achieve everything they set out to do. Carnegie's words are not the result of theoretical studies by an expert in interpersonal relationships, much less extrapolations of psychology books: they are simply advice with immediate and practical use both at work and at home, with friends and in social relationships in general.

But the book also teaches us how to fully gain the trust of others in 8 simple steps: to do this it is very important to analyze things from a new point of view, change one's mental patterns, open up to new and exhilarating possibilities and build human relationships in fast and easy way. All this will lead you to gain greater consideration within the crowd, to convince others to think like you and to acquire great credibility. Avoid quarrels and arguments, arouse interest and involvement, and cultivate your friendships day after day, just like this motivational book recommends.

Nothing around you will be the same anymore, only better! And finally, drawing up a ranking of this kind is always very difficult because there is the risk of excluding an important title. On the market you will find many books dedicated to personal growth, both for women and for men, which deserve a read even just for curiosity. If you are interested in deepening some particular issues, all you have to do is choose the book among those listed above that best meets your needs and start your inner change.

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