Mustard yellow: the color of summer hair

Mustard yellow: the color of summer hair

The new hair trend is mustard color, or mustard yellow, personalized with appealing shades and cuts

Anyone who dyed their hair blond at least once knows it well: if the color is neglected, from blond becomes yellow. Well, just that yellow, which until recently didn't like much, has become a trendy hair color, which only a few can resist. Find out more about the mustard yellow!

What is the mustard yellow

The yellow mustard is the new platinum blonde: bold, bold and sunny, this hair color has managed to win a place in the heart, and on the head, of many women. Just open the social networks and type in the hashtag #mustardhair to find yourself in front of dozens of different nuances, which go from dark yellow to a more reddish color, which you can't miss if you're a Shadowhunters fan and Clary's character .

The mustard yellow is a perfect hair color for the summer, because being a shade of blond hair already dark by itself, it does not risk to darken with the sun.

Inspiration for mustard-colored hair yellow. Source: Pinterest

Who the yellow mustard looks good

With a bold and flashy color like the mustard yellow it doesn't matter so much the complexion. What really matters is the attitude, which must be bold and easy, like the color of hair you wear. The beauty of this shade of blond, then, is that it is an extremely customizable color: you can choose to dye all the hair, from root to tip, of mustard color, or to add some brown, orange or pink shades to adapt it to the your style and your complexion.

If you don't want to dare too much, you can always choose to get yourself a mustard yellow meches, to revive your color without being too flashy. As for the cut, the mustard color goes well with cuts that are not too long. To find inspiration, just type #mustardhair on Instagram: you will find dozens of different hairstyles to take inspiration from.

How Mustard Yellow is created and maintained

To obtain the mustard yellow color, those with darker hair must first bleach them, then apply the color. If, on the other hand, you want to complement your color with mustard-colored shades, you won't need to bleach your hair first.

Like all artificially colored hair, even the mustard yellow needs some care, because otherwise it could oxidize and lose vitality (even if in a lesser way than other shades of blond).

To keep a mustard yellow tint beautiful, it is good to use specific shampoos and conditioners for washing, which are more moisturizing and nourishing than those for normal hair and have a formulation that helps the pigment stay attached to the hair. Even a mask for colored hair, applied periodically, helps to keep the color beautiful and alive, especially if it has had to resort to discoloration.

In case you have chosen to dye all the hair, every 4-6 weeks you will have to go to the hairdresser to retouch the color, or you risk finding yourself with an unsightly regrowth. To overcome this problem, you could only dye your hair from half onwards.

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