Mustard yellow: the strong shade of autumn

Mustard yellow: the strong shade of autumn

Mustard yellow is a shade of yellow that recalls the falling leaves and changes in nature: in a word, autumn!

Mustard yellow is a very particular and luminous color point, suitable for autumn because it recalls natural shades. Warm, intense and enveloping, it's perfect for brightening up the gray days of fog and for adding some light to your wardrobe.

I have already talked about how to match the yellow: what colors match it, with which shade is better. Now let's see what garments to choose to wear it even during the coldest season.

Mustard yellow: the pull

Soft, soft and for me in oversized tricot! Wear it over skinny jeans and let it fall along your hips. If you prefer the more adherent and in-shape models, then you could opt for a more British look: tweed trousers, moccasin and a light shirt. Easy and deliciously autumnal!

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Mustard yellow: the coat

If you love outerwear, a mustard-colored coat can't miss in your wardrobe! Wear it over a total denim look and choose bouclé, that is, with the longest and curled yarn: in short, soft and autumnal! You can also accompany it to a maxi tartan scarf that recalls the colors, even a thin line is enough.

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Mustard yellow: fur

I really like the faux fur details especially if they are in contrasting colors: they add that something extra to a look that would otherwise be a little off. In this case, a neck or a pair of mustard-yellow faux fur sleeves brighten up a sober black coat and can easily be used also for a sober business look. Another color that you can dare, in this case, is red: you will see how it will immediately light up your entire outfit!

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