My 5 favorite beauty products for April: skincare and makeup to brighten the skin for the summer

My 5 favorite beauty products for April: skincare and makeup to brighten the skin for the summer

Are you curious to discover my 5 favorite products of April? We are talking about face serum, eye contour, liquid lipsticks, eyebrow markers and foundation

Among my favorite products for April, those dedicated to skincare but also to makeup cannot be missing. The skin must prepare for the summer, via products that are too heavy, both in terms of creams and make-up. The skin becomes fresh and radiant thanks to the snail slime and the anti-dark circles eye contour, a touch of foundation and two-in-one concealer for a light and uniform face base, one placed on the eyebrows to make them thick but natural and a long-lasting lipstick tight, mask-proof. Are you curious to discover my 5 favorite products of the month?

Veralab Beautician Cinica Zero Blue eye contour cream

I have tried a lot of eye creams to try to reduce my vampire dark circles that I find myself since I was a teenager. Well, there is no miracle, but the right products can make a difference. First of all, it is good to understand that if you do not eat properly and if you do not sleep a sufficient amount of hours, the dark circles will always be there, in plain sight. Here, I am a bit lacking on these two things, especially on sleeping, so I fill the eye contour with serums and creams.

In my continuous tests, I stumbled upon the Veralab Zero Blue eye contour cream from the beloved Cynical Beautician (whom I adore) which I am using with great satisfaction. No, you won't magically end up with the eye contour of when you were 6 and what I like about the brand is that it doesn't make promises it can't keep. However, it promises to reduce the pigmentation of the eyes, making it less overbearing and, in my case, less red and purplish. Then, if everything is accompanied by a massage to restore circulation in the area, the eye contour is really cleared and less pesto. It is easily absorbed but allows you to perform a light massage to promote microcirculation, thanks also to the quinoa seed extract, with hydrating hyaluronic acid.

hands hold eye cream pack on white background with flower

Dermorevita pure organic snail slime

Yes, you read that right: snail slime. I was persuaded to try it by my trusted bioprofumeria, because the idea of ​​spreading snail slime on my face didn't really appeal to me, but they described such miraculous effects to me that I gave in. It is already the third package of pure organic Dermorevita snail slime that I am buying. It is a liquid and transparent product, tending to yellowish, for some it is odorless for me it has a hint of pickles, but the effect it has on the skin is incredible.

Illuminating, it helps to minimize pores and keep the skin clean, with a noticeable reduction in blackheads. The texture of the skin is much smoother and more compact but, above all, it greatly lightens the spots on the face, whether they are due to the sun or acne marks, as well as considerably attenuates wrinkles. If you don't believe me, I'll pass the contact details of all my friends to whom I bought it. I use snail slime in the evening as a real treatment before the cream, tapping it all over my face, while in the morning I boost another serum by mixing it with 4/5 drops.

Dermorevita Pure organic snail slime Dermorevita Pure organic snail slime Dermorevita Pure organic snail slime is a beauty elixir for the skin, with a powerful anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, toning and tissue healing effect. To be used pure or mixed with other serums or creams to enhance them. 24,50 EUR Buy on Amazon

Mesauda Magic Wand Foundation & Concealer multi-purpose foundation and concealer

If 2020 were a foundation it would be the Mesauda Magic Wand Foundation & Concealer, and perhaps 2021 too. Yes, because since it came out I have used it constantly, every day, every time I put on make-up. And despite this, from October I finished it in April, a full 6 months for a product used almost daily! I like it because it is suitable for my combination skin, both in periods when it becomes more oily because it does not make me shine, and for when it has drier areas, because it does not mark or highlight them.

Also great for covering light dark circles or, in my case, after using a more orange concealer to neutralize the bluish purplish tone. The texture is soft and spreads perfectly with your fingers, brush or sponge, both dry and wet (the latter is my personal preferred method of application). It is buildable, so you can apply very little of it, just to refresh and even out the complexion while minimizing discoloration, or you can apply it in greater quantities, for a covering effect but without the product showing too much on the face. Will I buy it back? Definitely yes.

Mesauda Milano Magic Wand foundation & concealer Mesauda Milano Magic Wand foundation & concealer A foundation and concealer all in one: it's Magic Wand by Mesauda Milano, with buildable coverage for an extremely natural or more constructed effect. Suitable for all skin types, non-dry and non-greasy. 23,64 EUR Buy on Amazon

We Makeup Ever liquid lipsticks

Liquid lipsticks are perhaps my favorite lipstick category of all. You apply them and, in theory, you don't think about it anymore. I say in theory because this is not the case with all liquid lipsticks unfortunately, you have to find formulas you can trust. Here, I trust the liquid lipsticks We Makeup Ever Liquid Lipstick, because I know they will not betray me by drooling on the most beautiful and giving me a colored mustache. The formula is quite creamy, does not particularly dry the lips and does not give a papier-mâché effect. It is true that my lips are not so full of marks and furrows, but the ones that are there are not highlighted, quite the contrary.

Do we want to talk about colors then? Sixtyeight. Yes, you read that right, 68. There is something for all tastes and especially all skin tones, from the lightest to the darkest, from warm to pink or neutral undertones. If you follow the color scheme, there is something for all seasons. There are also more particular colors such as blue, black, lemon yellow, mint green or many others, because the Ever liquid lipsticks can also be used on the eyes, as a base for eyeshadow or directly as an eyeliner. To apply them better and make them last longer I unload most of the product from the brush then proceed by spreading the color first in the center and then moving on the edges, to perfectly outline the lips.

liquid lipsticks with color spot on the back on a white background "width =" 1024 "height =" 584 "srcset =" -Ever-Liquid-Lipstick-lipstick-liquid.jpg? Resize = 1217,694 1217w, Lipstick-lipstick-liquid.jpg? Resize = 300,171 300w, ? resize = 768,438 768w,,584 1024w ,,249 436w, https: // Tipsforwomens. it / wp-content / uploads / sites / 3/2021/04 / We-Makeup-Ever-Liquid-Lipstick-lipstick-liquid.jpg? resize = 1080,616 1080w "sizes =" (max-width: 1024px) 100vw , 1024px

L'Oreal Unbelievabrow Micro Tatouage eyebrow marker

Let's face it, I have bad eyebrows. Or rather, I had gorgeous gull-wing eyebrows when I was little, also affectionately called a unibrow. Obviously I hated it and I was ashamed of it, so thanks to my 12 years and the teenage magazines on the newsstands, the tweezers became my best friend. Take off today take off tomorrow, completely without knowledge of the facts, I said goodbye to my splendid unibrow to make room for some horrible hooked eyebrows. I regret it very much, but now what has been has been. I've tried any serum to make them grow back and haven't taken them off for years, but nothing.

So, if I want to pretend to have them beautiful and thick, I must necessarily redesign and redefine the eyebrows and over the years I have tried so many products. Eyeshadows, ointments, mascara, eyeliner and markers, each product has its pros and cons, but L'Oréal Unbelievabrow Micro Tatuage really surprised me positively. It is an eyebrow marker with 3 slightly oblique tips, to simulate the effect of the hair. I must say that they can be created like little hairs and the effect is really natural and above all fast, much more than when I use ointments with a brush.

Among other things, usually these products tend to fade after a short time from the skin (yes, cosmetic companies, we also apply these products on the skin because if we had hair we would not need to use them, right?) While this remains there for several hours, although in the area of ​​the eyebrows I tend to polish easily. Even the color is maintained over time, without turning as often happens with gray or greenish tones.

L'Oréal Paris Unbelievabrow Micro Tatouage L'Oréal Paris Unbelievabrow Micro Tatouage L'Oréal Paris Unbelievabrow Micro Tatouage is an eyebrow marker available in 6 shades to match the color of all hair and hair. Its particular three oblique tips make the application of the product quick and easy, guaranteeing a natural result, almost like a microblading treatment, managing to redesign the hair of the eyebrows. The duration is high, up to 48h and the application is smooth, without the formula drying out over time. 10,10 EUR Buy on Amazon

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