My child, I will teach you how to say no

My child, I will teach you how to say no

Living in a world where even girls can say no

We will teach our daughters to say no, to defend themselves from injustice, to cry and get angry without limitations.

When we are small, we cannot get angry: if a child steals our snack or gives us a push, the only thing we can do is cry, tears are the only emotions allowed.
This same attitude, once you become a woman, is considered childish: we are too emotional, they say.

The truth is that we have the right to express all our feelings in the way we think best, and the task we have is to teach it to our children.
We will explain to them that they will always have to respect themselves and claim what is rightfully theirs, without fear.
Of course, someone could define our daughters as rebels, but what they called tomboys, now they are extraordinary and independent women.

Today's society still tacitly imposes rules according to which women are always one step behind men. The same teachings, from an early age, are different: the child will help her mother with household chores and look after her younger siblings.

Yet education should not have sex-related boundaries, even a child can and should learn to take care of his brother and do homework, just so he can become a great man.

All this can change thanks to the education we will give to our children, they will upset the world.
They will learn not to repress their anger, they will know that no one can stop them from expressing themselves. We will teach him that no prince should save them and that their independence comes first.

Who can choose to dress up as a superhero at Carnival and hang up the princess dress, which can become chemical, physical or astronauts and whatever their interests, even if apparently considered masculine, should be grown.

The world will change when we teach our daughters the freedom to pursue their dreams and aspirations: when they learn to say no.

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