My daughter, I will not expect the impossible from you

My daughter, I will not expect the impossible from you

I will need your understanding and patience, but I demand that you continue to live your life. Because my old age will never turn into your prison

I hope these words come straight to your heart and remain there, amidst the joyful memories of all that you and I have been, and still are. My daughter, the years pass quickly, perhaps too much, and they slip through our fingers together with regrets and lost opportunities.

I have seen you grow, day after day, and transform into a free, independent and successful woman. In an extraordinary mother. And I must tell you: you make me proud, for everything you do, for the passion and enthusiasm that naturally belong to you and that I hope will accompany you for all the days of your life.

You also make me happy when you ask me for a hug and tell me that you are never too old to be in mom’s arms. But I am sure that, very soon, I will need you more than you will need me, but I promise you that I will never demand the impossible from you. Because my old age will never become your prison.

I am not afraid of the years that pass because I am satisfied with my life, of which you are a part, of all the things that I have created and that now surround me. And I am happy.

Here, I want and demand that one day you will reach the same degree of satisfaction as me, a kind of peace of mind that comes naturally along with the wisdom of age. I will probably need you again to use the smartphone and the computer or to read those very small writings of the leaflets when I forget my eyeglasses.

And maybe I won’t be able to do those long shopping sessions with you anymore when the pains of age become more important and I won’t be able to run and play with my grandchildren anymore because I will be more tired than usual. Here, more than your presence, in those moments, I will need your understanding and your patience. But please, never stop living, chasing your dreams and passions, don’t sacrifice yourself for me.

Don’t feel guilty if you choose to go out with friends, rather than spend yet another day with me, just to hear me grumble. Because that, then, will only make me feel worse. Rather give me a call and tell me how happy you are. This will nullify any bad mood I have.

Never feel compelled to give up on anything. Just make me feel loved, like you do every day of your life. And I’ll do the same with you.

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