Myrta Merlino and the relationship with Tardelli: "I've never had a love like this"

Myrta Merlino and the relationship with Tardelli: "I've never had a love like this"

Together since 2017, the journalist and the former football player form a very solid and close-knit couple

Together since 2017, Myrta Merlino and Marco Tardelli form a close and very close couple. Their bond is often told through photos published on social media and accompanied by special statements, but Myrta Merlino wanted to reveal something more about their relationship in an interview with Oggi.

A love story that makes you dream and a very solid relationship: both, as emerges from the words released to Oggi by Myrta Merlino, feel the need to be together. She told it herself, explaining: “I did a month and a half, broadcasting six days a week: I was going crazy. I need to be with Marco, to live Marco. My work counts, but he matters much more. I can't give it up ”. Then he also added: “We feel bad if we don't see each other, if we are not close. My children make fun of me, but I never had a love like this, not even at 18. I got married young, saying 'until death do us part' without even understanding what it meant. Now I have clear in mind what it means: this is Marco for five years ”.

Their relationship started five years ago. First a dinner out and then, after only 48 hours, Tardelli moved to live in Rome. Their love story is full of romance, one that makes you dream: the former footballer of the national team and Juventus, in fact, confided to his partner who at the time had been in love with her for 15 years.

The journalist also explained on the pages of Today the importance that their relationship has on her life: "Love has given me a peace that I did not have. I became confident. I also express myself better at work. I had a mask, now no more … Now I'm freed ”.

And if the shots published on social media could speak then, scrolling through Myrta Merlino's Instagram profile, one could admire – between work images and others related to private life and children – the many photos of the couple accompanied by special thoughts.

Before Marco Tardelli Myrta Merlino was married to Domenico Arcuri, with whom she had her daughter Caterina. She is also the mother of Pietro and Giulio Tucci, born from a previous relationship

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