Nadia Toffa returns to Instagram after the long silence and the new treatments

Nadia Toffa returns to Instagram after the long silence and the new treatments

Nadia Toffa finally returns to Instagram after her absence from the Hyenas and the long silence to face the new treatments

Nadia Toffa breaks the silence, after a week of absence from Instagram and the decision not to participate in the last episode of the Hyenas due to some "tiring treatments" she is undergoing.

The journalist has long been fighting a tough battle against cancer, without ever losing her smile and the will to live. For this reason, his absence on the show's last date had worried fans a lot. “Nadia started a very tiring cure – explained the editorial staff of the program – and decided to conserve her energies by resting at home. However, Nadia has promised us that in the next few days she will keep us updated on her battle. On our website and on social networks you will be informed about the conditions of our warrior. The whole editorial staff of Le Iene sends her a big hug and screams very loud Forza Nadia ”.

Then the silence, very long, and the concern of thousands of followers who have always supported the presenter in her battle against cancer. In these hours Nadia has finally published a new post, reassuring everyone. "Hi guys, it's been a while since we met, right !? – wrote on Instagram -. Then I lean over to tell you that I miss you so much, and I recommend you, try to be well that I don't care … I kiss you all from here ".

In the shot only a part of Nadia's face appears, smiling, while behind her the small dog Totò appears, who entered his life after the discovery of the disease. The post, however, has not served to erase the fear of fans who fear for Toffa's health, exhausted by the latest treatments which, apparently, are much more aggressive. Despite this, the presenter does not give up and continues to smile, confident that she will also win this battle. Many messages of encouragement from those who consider her an example for all the sick and continue to support her, in the hope that she will be able to completely defeat this terrible evil.

Nadia Toffa – Source: Instagram

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