Nail art and romantic nails for Valentine's Day

Nail art and romantic nails for Valentine's Day

Do you want to amaze on the day of lovers with beautiful nails with attention to the smallest details? Don't miss the guide to the best nail art!

For the most romantic day of the year, we always aim to look your best: a sensual, elegant and romantic dress, perfectly styled hair, shiny accessories and – of course – perfect hands! Manicured hands cannot go beyond a Valentine's Day nail art, designed specifically to make you even more unique.

On the occasion of the feast of lovers, get ready to bewitch thanks to wonderful Valentine's Day themed nails: romantic, feminine nails, suitable for your personality. Discover in this article by Tipsforwomens the best, most beautiful and original manicure for Valentine's Day.


  • Nail art and romantic nails for Valentine's Day
  • The best nail art for short nails
  • The best nail art for long nails
  • The shape of the nail for Valentine's Day

Nail art and romantic nails for Valentine's Day

There are those who live this special day with a sweeter and more romantic soul, others who wish to bring out their most passionate and transgressive side: every inclination can be reflected in the style of your nail art, which in the nails for Valentine's Day reflects all its creative potential. Let's see together the most beautiful ideas to fall madly in love with your hands.

Classic and timeless: passion red

Let's start with a classic but always fashionable proposal: passion red nails for Valentine's Day. In reality, every shade of red is capable of speaking of love. Whether it's a pomace, a burgundy or a cherry red, this particular color on the nails means only one thing: overwhelming passion is just around the corner! If you want a touch of originality on such a classic proposal, try opting for a matte finish rather than a glossy one.

Red nails for Valentine's Day

Red nails for Valentine's Day

Nail art with explosion of hearts

What is the first image that comes to your mind when talking about Valentine's Day? That's right, the heart! In all its shapes, sizes and colors, the symbol of the heart and hearts in general have always been associated with the party of lovers. Amaze your partner with funny and ironic nails studded with hearts. Spread a monochromatic base on the nail, such as a pink or red, and with stencils or freehand with a special nail art brush, apply and draw small hearts in a bright and fun tone.

Nail art with hearts

Nail art with many hearts for Valentine's Day

Bright nails with pastel colors

If you want to have romantic nails that are able to convey your sweet soul, you can opt for a manicure with pastel colors. Spread a delicate pink all over the nail and alternate the presence of a small white heart painted with a brush, on one nail and one no. To complete this romantic nail art, apply a small rhinestone or Swarovski on the tip of the finger, in the final part of the nail. The result will make you fall in love!

Valentine's Day nail art

Delicate nail art with hearts

Stormed with light

Love is a firework, and you want to shine: nothing better than choosing a manicure full of glitter! Whether they are red, white, gold or silver, here the watchword is "shine". For a more creative result, you can alternate the color of the glitter from one nail to the other, perhaps opting for a silver / gold, red / gold or red / silver combo.

Nails for Valentine's Day

Full glitter nails for Valentine's Day

Very elegant, sensual and refined

Not everyone likes hearts, glitter and rhinestones, and there are also those who want to emphasize their sensual and refined nature on Valentine's Day. In this case, we strongly recommend that you consider a Valentine's Day nail art on a sleek black color, with a gold French manicure to top it all off. It is a manicure that definitely calls for an elegant, classy and absolutely special dress.

Elegant black nails

Elegant nails for Valentine's Day

With Care Bears

Anyone who has a romantic soul and even a little child will love this nail art proposal for Valentine's Day: a nail art with teddy bears! After creating a nude French manicure with a red top, go and draw on one nail in particular a small bear hugging a red heart. The effect will be very sweet and irresistible.

Romantic nail art

Romantic and playful nail art for Valentine's Day

All shades of red and pink

This is the perfect manicure for those who love simplicity, but at the same time refinement. The faded effect can be obtained by relying on an aesthetic salon, or with a few simple steps. Two colored glazes (perhaps red and black) will suffice, preferably with similar shades. At that point, with a transparent top coat and a make-up sponge, apply the two colors directly on the sponge and begin to quickly dab the nail. At this point you are ready to spread the top coat and to finalize everything inside the oven. You will love the result!

Gradient nails for Valentine's Day

Gradient nails for Valentine's Day

Flowery and spring

Who said that only hearts represent the symbol of love? Flowers also play an important role. After all, aren't flowers the most common gifts given to lovers? For this we offer you Valentine's Day flower themed nails. You can apply a monochromatic base on the nail as you like, such as a beautiful old rose, and apply stencils of small white flowers or create them freehand. Super romantic and nice to see!

Nails decorated with flowers

Nail art with small flowers for Valentine's Day

The best nail art for short nails

The roundup of ideas we have presented to you so far can be made by anyone, but some are better suited to those with short nails. In order not to be mistaken, choose a single color (with a matte or glossy finish), or an alternation of color between one nail and another. A French manicure may be inelegant on a particularly short nail, just as the application of stickers and stencils should calibrate the size of the nail well. For example, if a sticker turns out to be excessively large, it may not be as harmonious.

The best nail art for long nails

For those with long and manicured nails, on the other hand, a French manicure is always a pass-partout for an excellent figure. As for Valentine's Day nail ideas, those with long nails can indulge themselves with the application of glitter, rhinestones, stickers. Just be careful not to overdo it: remember that measure and balance are essential in order not to fall into the error of obtaining a tacky effect. And on this special day of lovers, love and romance are sought, certainly not exhibitionism!

The shape of the nail for Valentine's Day

As for the topic of the nail shape, even for Valentine's Day you have the maximum freedom to choose what you like best. The most romantic ones are certainly nails that oval, ballerina nails, and almond-shaped nails. For a more decisive and “rock” nail art, you can choose instead a square shape, a stiletto shape or an oval square.

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