Nail buffer: what it is and how to use it

Nail buffer: what it is and how to use it

A very useful accessory for a perfect manicure: to show off your favorite nail art

It is not yet such a popular tool, but the nail buffer is certainly spreading like the spread of gel and acrylic nail products and Russian or Japanese manicures. Get to know it, it's a very useful tool, and you won't be able to do without it.

The nail buffer is a brick of very fine powder that is used to smooth the nail and to remove all the imperfections that it could have: layers of previous enamels, small lines and grooves due to age, and irregularities of different nature. It also serves to dull the nail evenly and then to use specific products for nail reconstruction.

It passes delicately over the entire nail surface, without pressing because the objective is to even out the surface, not to weaken it or make it too thin. It rubs lightly a few times on the nail and the irregularities disappear: the nail appears smooth and opaque, ready for your spring nail art or gel nail reconstruction. On the market there are also different nail buffers that maintain the square shape, but they diversify each "face" of the parallelepiped according to the function. They are called Nail Buffer 4 phases.

Generally the phases are written on the sides to be used. It starts strictly from the first phase and comes to the last one. The first step is to file and shorten the nail, the second to define the shape of the nail, the third to smooth the surface and eliminate grooves and imperfections and the fourth to give shine and shine to the surface. If you want to apply the nail polish, the advice is to avoid the fourth phase because the porosity of the nails absorbs the top coat more, lengthening its duration. But if you don't apply nail polish, go to nail buffer 4 and let them shine!

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