Nails 2018: enamels and trendy colors

From the sparkling to the nude effect, from yellow to Barbie pink: here are the colors and nail polishes for nails in 2018

Discover the 2019 nail trends

What are the trend colors for nails in 2018? For some years now, the manicure has become a real must and is one of the most requested treatments by women, who want to have well-groomed and fashionable hands. On the other hand the nails are a very important detail, which needs to be cured, often even more than the hair.

To feel beautiful (and look beautiful) it is essential to have not only a cut and a fashionable color, but also a trendy nail polish. It is no coincidence that those who choose to have well-groomed hands have only the embarrassment of the choice, including gel, semi-permanent or traditional enamel, also with regard to colors, the must vary according to the years and what the designers and celebrities propose. The big news of 2018 is undoubtedly the soft square shape, a cross between the oval and square, with a medium-short length.

Nails 2018: enamels

Meghan Markle does not dictate trends only when it comes to looks, but also for nails. The trend of 2018, not surprisingly, is the nude enamel, the same worn on the day of the announcement of the marriage with Prince Harry. On that occasion the American actress showed her engagement ring combining it with a nude manicure.

The colors most in vogue in the coming months will be the very light pink, the beige, but also the gray-pink powder and above all the lactose white, the same shown by Michelle Hunziker on the stage of the Ariston in Sanremo 2018. The strength of the nude lies in which makes every manicure perfect, just like a foundation. To choose the right one it is necessary to combine it with the complexion.

If you have very light skin, focus on a nail polish with shades of pink, to minimize redness of the cuticles or skin, but if you have a dark complexion opt for a polish with shades of mauve, mud or coffee. No to shades that tend to yellow, yes to those that reproduce the natural color of your lips, like light pink.

If during the day the colors are bare, in the evening the nails shine thanks to the metallic effect. Hands shine with chrome and holographic paint enamels. The must are the mirror nails, much loved by the stars and shared on social networks by beauty enthusiasts and more. It is a refined and chic effect, but at the same time futuristic and in step with the times, proposed by designers in many different versions. The most glam? Those gold or bronze, perfect for an important evening.

Nails 2018: the must colors

But what are the must-have colors of 2018 in the field of nails? In the coming months we will undoubtedly be spoiled for choice. The arrival of the hot season marks the return of a great evergreen: red, which becomes creamy and shine, for women who are not afraid of being noticed. There is also plenty of room for shocking pink – Barbie's, to be precise – yellow and orange, for nails that look like candy to taste. The trendiest shades are Tangerine orange, hot pink pop pink and lemon yellow, also chosen by Rihanna. Don't forget the Ultra Violet, perfect with a tan.

Nails 2018: nail art

The most fashionable nail art in 2018 become minimal with small details that make the nail special. For example, just a dash, a geometric point, a line to turn a nude nail into a small masterpiece. The ideal for a fashion that does not want to excess, but aims for an ultra-fashion result.

Are you looking for inspiration? Then try the pink nail with a zig zag pattern or black dashes on the lemon yellow enamel. Perfect also the little hearts on the nude or the logo nails, with the logos of the big brands printed on the nails, a solution for ultra fashion girls.

The theme of metallic nuances also returns in nail art, which will be a must for all of 2018. Gold, bronze, silver sprout on the nail as graphic details, positioning on the lunettes or on the tip, for a completely new version of the French manicure. Focus on the effect you like the most depending on your mood. Glitter with transparent nail polish for those who want to feel glam, sparkling for girls who like to be noticed or velvety for true femme fatale. All you have to do is try them all and have fun changing the look of your nails over the course of all 12 months!

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