Nails "gelatin effect": the new trend for summer 2018

Nails "gelatin effect": the new trend for summer 2018

From the candy effect to neon reflections: the solutions to have trendy nails this season are endless. And you can also experience them at home

There is a wonderful feeling that comes over you after you have your nails done. Not only are you pampered, but you look fabulous. And you know it. To be really trendy, then, this summer you can't miss the latest trend in nail art: gelatin effect nails.

You can also use this really particular solution without too much effort, which will give a "gummy candy" effect to your nails, using only two glazes: the first glitter (the ideal is if the glitters are large, of various sizes and very colorful), the second semi-transparent. This last glaze can be of the color shade you prefer. Obviously you will be able to proceed to the operation only if your nails will be perfect: no cuticles or cuticles, impeccably smoothed corners and maybe a professional manicure treatment are strongly recommended.

To obtain the desired effect you will need to proceed with three coats of glaze, strictly in this order: first the semi-transparent glaze, then the glitter one, then the semi-transparent one. The glitter in this way will be "trapped" between the two coats of semi-transparent nail polish, like in a sandwich (not by chance this work of makeup is also known with the term Jelly Sandwich Nail Art).

To seal the whole, a coat of extra-bright top coat will then be necessary, to have the certainty of a perfect result.

The color solutions are endless and can unleash your imagination (as you can also find on Instagram, where there are over 3,500 images of colorful gelatinous nails under the hashtag #JellyNails). For example, combining a candy pink with purple or cherry red glitter will give the effect of a delicious and soft fruit candy, while combining green and white you can have the freshest "milk and mint" nails. Perfect for the warm season, with an even more delicate effect using pastel shades.

If you want to dare, instead, you can always combine with semi-transparent plum or blood red enamels of metallic glitter (such as gold, silver or copper). The most suitable solution for the evening, it will give your nails an entirely new elegance.

To be even more extreme, finally, apply extensions to your "gelatinous nails" to create even more interesting effects. In this case you will be able to choose from several candy-effect claws to more elegant and square solutions, even the neon effect.

However, the most useful advice is to consult your beauty center in advance: not all beauty salons in fact provide the same type of "gelatin sculpture" for your nails. And starting with an idea in mind, you may be very disappointed to find that it is not practicable.

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