Name That Tune: Orietta Berti plays Achille Lauro and Anna Tatangelo wears the dress that is not for everyone

Gigi D’Alessio and Anna Tatangelo rivals on TV: a challenge between Telethon and All Together Now

Orietta Berti triumphs on Achille Lauro's Rolls Royce notes and Anna Tatangelo inflames "Name That Tune" with the dress that only she can wear

Orietta Berti is the real star of the second edition of Name That Tune, broadcast on Tv8 on Wednesdays in prime time. Cavriago's nightingale conquered the public with his interpretation of Achille Lauro's Rolls Royce. Even if Anna Tatangelo competes for the scene and wore a superlative evening dress that is not for everyone.

The second episode of Name That Tune, hosted by Enrico Papi, has to deal with small screen giants such as Inspector Montalbano and Who has seen him? with the appeal of Piera, Denise Pipitone's mother. And it gets the attention of 729,000 spectators, achieving an excellent result.

Undoubtedly thanks to the sympathy of Papi who manages to give rhythm to the broadcast but also to the challengers of the male and female team. The latter triumphed for the second time, although it is worth noting Jack La Furia's in-depth musical knowledge that earned the team of men many points.

Of course, the female element shone during the episode of Name That Tune. Making up the women's team are Anna Tatangelo, Orietta Berti, who also participated in the first edition of the program, and Antonella Elia. Each of them stood out for their sympathy, beauty and skill. Although a special merit goes to Orietta Berti who is increasingly on the crest of the wave after her participation in the Sanremo 2021 Festival where she combined and happened to all of them, as when she was chased by the police.

Berti challenged Guillermo Mariotto in the Lip Sync Duel and naturally beat him up. A veteran of the game, after last week’s hilarious performance to the tune of Maneskin's Zitti e Buoni, she does the same, this time interpreting Achille Lauro’s Rolls Royce. But this time during the exhibition he reveals the secret weapon, which is a cigarette pretending to smoke just like Achille Lauro.

On the look front, the statuesque Anna Tatangelo is undoubtedly wearing a long black evening dress with a brazenly sensual bodice, leaving the back uncovered and revealing part of the décolleté. A decidedly demanding look that is not for everyone, but that the singer manages to wear with great elegance. To welcome the challenge in terms of style, there is Sabrina Salerno who plays with the transparencies of the red shirt with a plunging neckline that highlights the lingerie.

Name That Tune

Anna Tatangelo and the other Name That Tune contestants

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