Name That Tune, Paola Barale with the denim shorts that only she can afford

Paola Barale

Paola Barale in denim shorts and sparkling blazer wins the challenge at "Name That Tune" in terms of look and also beats Donatella Rettore with giant polka dot tights

Paola Barale surpasses herself once again at Name That Tune in the episode aired in prime time on Tv8, Wednesday 12 May. She is the one who shines, in the literary sense of the term, with her amazing sparkling jacket and together with her teammates, Cristina D'Avena, Donatella Rettore, Enrica Guidi, they win the final, tearing Morgan and teammates.

After the kimono mini dress, Paola Barale shows up on the show with a more casual and decidedly rock look that focuses on her legs thanks to denim shorts that enchant her. At 54, the showgirl wears shorts with the right determination, teaching us how they can be worn at any age in an amazing way.

La Barale combines frayed denim shorts, a true trend of the season, with a simple white top and a silver sequin blazer that gives a touch of glamor to the outfit. The mini trousers are strictly worn with opaque blue stockings and ton sur ton high boots. Result? Simply splendid. The fringe bob and the amber bindi do the rest.

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The bright look is the best of the evening, not even Donatella Rettore's black shorts and polka dot stockings can overshadow it. Thus, Paola wins the final of Name That Tune, a feat that had not happened to her last season.

Certainly her teammates collaborated not a little in the victory. Especially in the Lip Sync Duel it did not disappoint expectations. On the other hand, the women's team has always stood out in this game, just think of the performances of Orietta Berti as the Maneskin and Achille Lauro.

But this time the women outdo each other and take the field all together playing Wannabe, the great success of the Spice Girls. For Morgan there are no stories, although he enjoyed transforming himself into the Rector, singing Splendido Splendente. Donatella can only compliment him, but women remain the best.

There is no hope for the men's team, made up of Gué Pequeno, Gaudiano, Morgan and Guido Meda, despite having started with a considerable advantage.

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Name That Tune, the grand finale

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