Nancy Brilli, a video of an earthquake on Instagram

Nancy Brilli, a video of an earthquake on Instagram

The actress challenged the earthquake panic and filmed the interior of an apartment (perhaps her own) where all the objects were shaking

Video taken from Instagram

Nancy Brilli challenged the earthquake panic and was able to film the moments when a quake shook central Italy. The actress then published the video on her Instagram profile. In the clip you can see the inside of an apartment, probably that of Nancy, in which chandeliers, pendants and necklaces oscillate fearfully.

The comment that the actress left is simple and direct: "Amatrice dances". Soon after he posted another video showing a pile of rubble and the first thought goes to the earthquake victims who lost everything and today live with the constant fear of new shocks and snow.

Many have seen the images filmed by Nancy Brilli and recounted the moments of panic experienced. There are those who were in L'Aquila where the earthquake was very strong, those who heard it at school. Many are afraid and pray that this situation will end soon.

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