Natasha Stefanenko and her dream holidays: more beautiful than ever

Natasha Stefanenko and her dream holidays: more beautiful than ever

For her, time does not seem to pass: Natasha Stefanenko is more beautiful than ever, and she is enjoying a wonderful vacation in Brazil

For her, time does not seem to pass: Natasha Stefanenko is more beautiful than ever. Certainly thanks to the air of Brazil, where she is on vacation in the company of her husband Luca and her daughter – as charming as she is – Sasha. The former Russian model, an Italian adopted for many years now, is spending carefree and relaxing days during the Christmas holidays, landing “in Paradise”, as she herself wrote on her Instagram page accompanying one of the many photos published in the last few days.

Natasha Stefanenko, her dream holidays in Brazil

Natasha Stefanenko is spending wonderful days in the company of her husband Luca and daughter Sasha in Brazil, not only to celebrate Christmas and New Year in a foreign land, but also to celebrate a beautiful milestone, the 26 years of marriage.

A significant milestone, in a world, that of the show, made up of crises on the agenda, breakdowns and closures not always addressed in the most elegant way. Always very reserved and far from the spotlight, Stefanenko and Sabbioni have always managed to live their love in an authentic way, overcoming the small and physiological crises of the couple without ending up on the gossip pages.

Natasha is sharing with her followers shots full of love, tenderness, romance, even allowing herself some family selfies, much appreciated by Instagram users. And there is someone who can not help but notice the evident beauty of the showgirl, commenting: “What do you do to support yourself? You are always the same! “.

Natasha Stefanenko, the secret of love with Luca

Twenty-six years of love unite Natasha Stefanenko and Luca Sabbioni: the two got married in 1995, and have never left each other since. Among the most popular couples in the entertainment world, five years after their yes, Sasha was born, today a splendid twenty-year-old, beautiful just like mother Natasha.

The secret of their love has always been clear: a lot of complicity, understanding and above all the desire to laugh together. They demonstrated this in an interview in Caterina Balivo’s living room, in the program Come to me: “I will be your Russian caregiver – she said to Sabbioni jokingly – What more do you want?”.

Natasha also has a wonderful relationship with Sasha: the two are also linked by a passion for fashion. On the cameras of Come to me, the Russian showgirl said: “I like to involve Sasha in what I do.”

Natasha Stefanenko

Natasha Stefanenko and her family, photo from Instagram

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