Natural makeup for every day? Try it with cream products

Natural makeup for every day? Try it with cream products

Fan of natural and fresh looks, have you ever tried to make makeup with cream products, for a quick and easy makeup?

There are those who prefer to sleep as much as possible in the morning and those who do not give up their routine, waking up earlier to dedicate themselves to breakfast, the gym or even makeup. For some it is indispensable, for others if it is good, otherwise patience.
Often, however, we tend to leave out the makeup because in the online tutorials you always see many products and it becomes difficult, in the morning, to create an everyday look that is natural, without too many frills.

In this case, the allies for a "no makeup makeup" are the cream products. These, in fact, blend perfectly with the complexion and it will seem not to be made up or, in any case, very little. However, it must be said that they are little used and often scare those who are not very familiar with makeup. On the other hand, a few products are enough to create a complete look that is easy to touch up even during the day.

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Foundation yes or no: the choice is yours, but a concealer is also enough

The first step of a face base is usually the foundation (after skincare of course!) But not everyone likes to apply it. If you are in a hurry in the morning, it is better to avoid products that are very covering or difficult to apply, especially if you do not have a trusted foundation that you know is the perfect match with your skin. Better to prefer fluid products, to be spread with a brush or a sponge, because they are easier to blend quickly and, if necessary, you can always build coverage by adding it.

A little concealer, then, serves to cover the imperfections that are visible and dark circles. If, on the other hand, you don't have skin with pimples and lots of redness but you just need to even out the complexion, you can directly create a very light base with the concealer. Place a little at a time and, with a soft brush, spread it starting from the dark circles and blending it on the sides of the nose and on it, with what remains on the brush. Then cover imperfections or small redness, always with little product and always dragging the product so as not to create a detachment and to give a homogeneous appearance to the whole complexion.

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Cream blush, the number one ally for a radiant and natural effect

It is the moment of the product that, more than all, can give you a natural, radiant and in good shape. The cream blouse, if well dosed, can in fact give a very natural complexion, because it recreates the effect of the natural redness on the cheeks, both for a slight embarrassment and for the sun. Just choose shades that match your complexion and work it well. You can spread it with a duofibre brush, with a sponge or with your fingers, the important thing is to dose it. Apply a little at a time and, if anything, reach for it to intensify it. It is also essential not to apply it randomly, but to place it where you would usually put the powder. In case of excess, then, it is easy to correct some mistakes, just wipe the brush dirty with foundation to dilute it or to create a natural contouring effect. Pass the brush right under the cheekbone to remove excess blush and sculpt the cheekbone more, for a lifting effect.

At this point, for those who love it, it is time for the illuminator. It only takes a little and the cream one is certainly more natural than the powder one, which creates more thickness. Apply it on the cheekbones, on the bridge of the nose and wherever you want to brighten the complexion, blending it with your fingertips. If you don't want an unnatural or too marked effect, avoid highlighters with too much glitter but, in any case, even in this case, if you apply too much of it you can dilute it with the foundation brush.

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On the lips? Blush, lip balm, lipstick or gloss

For the lips, nothing could be simpler and faster: apply the same blush you applied to the cheeks, in order to create continuity to the look. This will ensure that, overall, the makeup is truly natural because it is harmonious, almost monochromatic. You can also use a creamy lipstick on the lips and, if the shade permits, tap it on the cheeks instead of blush, blending it.

An alternative to blush on the lips is a classic lip balm, for example colored or volumizing, a cream lipstick with a neutral and possibly creamy shade, easier to apply or to tap with your fingers for a less graphic and more natural effect or, again, a simple gloss.

In cream also on the eyes, the eyeshadow becomes easy to blend

If you want to create a quick look but that is not the classic mascara in abundance on the lashes, try the cream or liquid eyeshadows. They are easy to blend, but dry and stick to the eyelid. Opt for natural colors, in shades of brown, matte or shimmer, to your taste. Light colors are easy to apply even with your fingers, because they do not stain and do not create much detachment with the skin, while for browns, be careful not to cut off the nuance clearly.

If necessary, help yourself with a blending brush to soften the edges before the product sets completely. Better to work one eye at a time, by doing so you will avoid the risk of creating spots or edges that are too sharp.
To give more definition, then, you can smudge the lashline with a little black or brown pencil, to be blended with an angled brush and complete the eye makeup with a highlight on the inner corner and mascara.

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Just a touch of powder and, for those who want it, of earth

As a last step, especially if you have combination or oily skin, fix the cream products with powder. Whether it's in loose or compact powder, don't apply too much so as not to weigh down the final look, leaving it so fresh and radiant. Concentrate on the areas that grease more easily, i.e. forehead, nose and sides, chin and under the eyes, to better fix the concealer.

To warm the complexion, then, with a large brush, apply a little bronzer with impalpable touches, choosing a product with a fine texture. Finally, if the effect is in any case too artificial or dusty, a splash of thermal water or fixing spray will eliminate the excess powder, for a super natural makeup.

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