Natural remedies against redness of the scalp

Natural remedies against redness of the scalp

Reddened scalp can be a very annoying problem: here's how to fix it

It begins as if it were a small irritation, it itches a lot and then it becomes a real physical and aesthetic discomfort: the red scalp is a condition that afflicts many women and men, conditioned by various causes and factors. But what are the causes of irritated skin? What happens to the red scalp, and what are the remedies to prevent this from happening? Let's explore together, in this Tipsforwomens article, how to take care of the red scalp and the most effective natural remedies.

Red scalp: main causes

There are many factors that lead to having a red scalp. We have already seen some of them previously, but let's go deeper into the external and internal factors that can trigger this. Among the external factors and more easily attributable to a discomfort of the skin, there is the use of aggressive shampoos, abuse of hair dyes and discolorations, use of drugs for the skin, pollution or damage resulting from brushes not suitable for the sensitivity of the skin . As confirmed also by the Humanitas Institute, the red scalp could also be linked to seborrheic dermatitis.

Natural remedies against redness of the scalp

Sensation of irritation, peeling of the skin and burning: the red scalp is really something very annoying. Not everyone knows that, in fact, this part of the skin is really very sensitive. Taking care of irritated skin is also fundamental in the prevention process, and to make the scalp healthy and smooth. The causes of this nuisance are manifold: dryness, stress, incorrect nutrition and other factors which then decline into dandruff and flaking. But let's go in order and see together the natural remedies for the red scalp.

Products for sensitive skin

It seems trivial, yet only by starting with an excellent haircare routine can you avoid the discomfort of a red scalp. Soothing lotions, restructuring shampoo, moisturizing conditioners and rebalancing ampoules: even your hairdresser will know what to advise you in the country on the structure of your hair and the conditions of your skin.

One-time remedies

Well yes, it is possible to remedy the red scalp and inflamed skin even with homemade remedies. An excellent remedy is to use lavender essential oils, nettle and sage extracts, and also chamomile wraps or gel application with aloe vera, extracted directly from the plant. Since we know how much stress affects this problem, we try to practice yoga and meditation every day, or to do activities that distract us as much as possible. Even argan oil and jojoba oil, emulsified with a little water, are really effective against itching. In herbal medicine you can also buy hypericum oil, a real cure-all with healing and emollient properties to be applied when you feel more burning or feel greater dryness of the scalp.


The excessive accumulation of toxins, as well as hormonal imbalances and the consequent reddened scalp can also be contrasted by specific massages. In particular, by massaging the skin with an aloe gel that we talked about earlier, we will clean the skin and stimulate its oxygenation thanks to the microcirculation that will dispose of excess toxins. The massage should be done by massaging from the center of the head and in a circular direction, starting from the root up to the nape of the neck, applying light but constant pressure with the fingertips.

Be careful to wash your hair

It seems like a paradox, yet those who suffer from red scalp should avoid washing their hair often. This operation, in fact, weakens and irritates them excessively: one must try never to exceed 3 times a week, even if one practices sports. If the problem persists for a long time, it is good to consult your doctor or dermatologist.

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