Natural remedies and not for treating your children's warts

Natural remedies and not for treating your children's warts

Warts are frequent among children and are not dangerous, however they are particularly annoying as well as unsightly and to eliminate them you can resort to natural and non-natural remedies.

Warts are similar to callosities of the skin which in some cases resemble growths and are caused by a virus of the Papilloma Virus family. Usually they are more frequent among children than among adults, but they do not cause pain unless they are subjected to continuous rubbing, for example if they are under the sole of the foot. In this case there are several natural and non-natural remedies.

How are warts transmitted? The viruses that cause warts are transmitted either by direct contact with the skin of the person affected, or by contact with an infected surface. In fact, warts often occur under the soles of the feet and on the hands, but they can also occur in other parts of the body.

If your children attend the pool then it is good to teach them to always wear slippers because you know, the pool is the best place to contract viruses or bacteria. The virus can be found poolside, in showers etc. and prevention is better than cure. Contact with an infected surface does not automatically cause the wart. It depends on the child's immune system and any micro-traumas and excoriations that facilitate penetration. After infection, warts can grow slowly. Most are harmless and disappear on their own. Without any treatment, a wart can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years to disappear.

If a wart causes pain and discomfort the doctor may decide to remove it with the following remedies: electrocoagulation, or a mild electric shock that burns the wart, otherwise laser therapy if the wart is resilient. With cryotherapy, the wart is frozen by liquid nitrogen. In milder cases there are drugs with or without a prescription requirement to be applied to infected skin.

Otherwise there are homeopathic and natural remedies, for example garlic. Just chop a clove of garlic, add a few drops of olive oil to the pasta created and spread it on the wart. Finally cover with a plaster or gauze, repeating the treatment every day until the wart comes off. Two other natural remedies against warts rely on the properties of banana peel – the inner part – and fresh grape juice. Simply apply the banana peel, blindfold the area and leave it to act overnight. Instead, grape juice should be applied three or four times a day. Even the application of aloe vera promotes the healing process.

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