Natural remedies for constipation

Natural remedy for constipation? Which are the most effective? Here are some tips to best deal with a very common discomfort

A natural remedy for constipation allows to alleviate this discomfort without resorting to the use of any drugs. In fact, resorting to natural remedies helps to promote the regularity of the intestine, as well as stimulate its function. First of all, it is necessary to assume the good habit of consuming foods rich in fiber associated with the consumption of water, useful to facilitate intestinal transit. In addition, in order to bring the right efficacy it is advisable to avoid carbonated or sugary drinks and always prefer water.

It is precisely a high consumption of water that proves to be an effective natural remedy against constipation, since it promotes the correct functioning of the body. Preferring a nutrient based on fibers contained in foods of plant origin will facilitate the elimination of toxins from the body, even more if there is a large absorption of water. To facilitate this process, one must strive to drink at least two liters of water a day even if the thirst is not completely felt.

An effective natural remedy to relieve the discomforts of constipation is to consume two tablespoons of flax seeds once a day, accompanied by a glass of water at room temperature. In this way, an adjuvant action useful for transit and intestinal walls will be favored. One of the best known natural remedies are certainly plums, rich in vitamin A and potassium. Consuming fresh plums guarantees a clear improvement and at the same time reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Also prickly pears should not be underestimated which, if taken in small doses, promote intestinal transit thanks to the beneficial properties contained in their seeds.

Legumes also play a fundamental role, since they are rich in fiber and at the same time free of cholesterol. Proper nutrition in fact involves a regular combination of legumes and cereals, preferably wholemeal. In addition, dried fruit can prove to be an effective natural remedy to combat constipation, as well as a cure-all for health, as it is highly rich in fiber. In particular, almonds and walnuts guarantee numerous beneficial effects, as they are rich in calcium and vegetable sources of omega3.

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