Neck pain: causes, solutions, how to prevent it


The cervical pain it’s quite frequent if you spend a good part of the day sitting at a desk. Then you find yourself moving your head like a robot, with contracted muscles and a burning sensation that radiates from the neck to the shoulders and arms. To explore the causes and solutions of this fairly recurring annoyance, here is an excerpt from the Radio RTL 102.5 interview with Dr. Simona Ceruli of the simple operating unit of the Gemelli Polyclinic in Rome.

Doctor, what are the main causes of neck pain?

The most common cause of neck pain is poor posture during daily activities, such as working on a computer or driving a car. These postures tend to close the body position and can cause microtraumas or pathologies such as discopathies.

What steps can we take to prevent pain?

Simple actions like getting up, moving around, and walking around can help relieve neck tension. It is also important to use the laptop at a suitable height, with good lighting to avoid muscle tension and eye strain. Even if they seem like insignificant details, there are many causes that can cause neck pain.

Can physical activity help reduce neck pain?

Regular exercise can help prevent neck pain, especially if you pay attention to your posture while playing sports. However, there are some sports such as running or weight lifting that can increase the risk of neck problems if not practiced correctly. Physical exercise helps to get out of the sedentary lifestyle and repetitive movements of daily life, helping to strengthen muscles.

What are the possible solutions?

If you experience neck pain, the first thing to do is go to a specialist to understand the cause and determine if further diagnostic investigations such as MRI or X-ray are needed. Neck pain has specific characteristics that can help your doctor diagnose it. In general, you shouldn’t immediately take an anti-inflammatory or apply heat, but follow your doctor’s directions for pain relief through stretching, medical therapy, or muscle therapy.

Has the sedentary life caused by the pandemic aggravated the situation of cervical pathologies?

Yes, we also paid for working on inadequate workstations. The cause of neck pain is not only related to work, but also to daily life, such as, for example, adopting an incorrect posture during sleep or using the wrong pillow. However, working at inappropriate workstations can increase the risk of developing neck problems.

Is age a risk factor for developing neck pain?

In the past, neck pain was a typical problem of the elderly, but today it has become increasingly common among young people due to the excessive use of technological devices, such as cell phones and tablets. Excessive use of these devices can cause poor posture and lead to an increased risk of neck pain.

You can listen to the full interview to the doctor Simona Ceruli of the simple operating unit of the Gemelli Polyclinic in Rome on RTL 102.5 Play News “Lifestyle” with Ludovica Marafini, Count Galè and Ilaria Arpino: Neck pain.