Nek, the accident and the scars: his message of rebirth

Nek, the accident and the scars: his message of rebirth

The singer has decided to show the scars of his hand on Instagram after the accident, launching a message of rebirth

Nek decided to show the scars of his hand, the one involved in the bad accident dating back to November 2020. He did it via Instagram, where he published a shot accompanied by words of awareness and a message of rebirth.

In fact, a few months ago, the singer told fans that he had undergone emergency surgery, publishing a photo from the hospital. When the worst was over, he had reported cutting himself with a circular saw in a moment of distraction while working in the family countryside.

In that terrible accident Nek risked losing two fingers, and after a 12-hour surgery he was able to slowly recover – and not without difficulty – the functionality of his hand.

"This hand here has written the pieces up to now, so I have every intention of putting it back together," the singer confessed to Silvia Toffanin during her interview with Verissimo. The recovery process is not over yet, as he told a few weeks ago in the living room of the Canale 5 broadcast: "I felt like a child, I had to relearn gestures that previously seemed normal".

Today, without a brace and bandages, Nek has decided to show the signs of that incident on Instagram, not only physical and external, but more profound:

Here's my hand today. I feel her reacting with me. I feel her slowly awakening as if from a long lethargy, as if she were born again. These painful scars remind me every day how much the course of life can change in a second … And this year, unfortunately, he reminded many people in many forms …

The singer, in this long path of rehabilitation, wanted to share with his followers his new awareness and his rebirth, the change of his priorities and the will to enjoy every moment of his life. This incident in fact confronted him with pain and suffering, and that is why he wanted to leave this message to his fans:

We plan, we plan safe in our path then something unexpected like a punch in the stomach, like a sudden lightning, transform everything. Yes, I will plan, plan and proceed again but from now on I will try to live every day as if it were the first.

Nek, the message of rebirth

Nek, the message to the followers

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