Nervous hunger, the foods that help to placate it

Nervous hunger, the foods that help to placate it

Foods to avoid in the most stressful times of the year. Here are the tips to stay clear of damage to health and health

In times of high stress we tend to give in to nervous hunger. Here are absolutely the foods to avoid and some useful tips to share.

There are particularly stressful periods of the year, in which various commitments and deadlines go to make an example. In the most unfortunate cases, on the other hand, we find ourselves having to face unpleasant situations, perhaps concerning physical health, one's own or a loved one. In such phases it is very easy to find yourself making food your best ally, very often with terrible results.

Many basic motivations that can lead us to incredible and frequent binges of food, with the sole purpose of finding a modicum of pleasure in a delicate phase of one's life. In particular, the so-called comfort food is used, namely chocolate, various types of snacks, desserts and ice cream.

With regard to this practice, Dr. Nicoletta Bocchino, a nutritionist biologist, expressed herself: “They are foods that can console and at the same time, instill in the person a certain sense of relaxation. For this reason we tend to consume more when we are sad or nervous. These are foods rich in sugars, which manage to instill a sense of only temporary well-being, to the detriment of one's own line and, above all, one's health ”.

When this need is perceived then it is necessary to stay away from foods that are too fat. It is necessary to work on one's will power and impose such behavior. Those foods act in a negative way on the secretion of leptin, or the hormone that has the task of regulating hunger, both on the brain. All this can therefore easily generate a vicious circle.

Particularly sweet or savory snacks are addictive, making it very difficult to limit oneself to a single quantity. Another mistake is the speed with which we feed ourselves. Much better to taste the food slowly, which will help you to feel a sense of fullness very first.

As mentioned, however, these binge eating are linked to one's mood. Consequently it will be necessary to fight also a particularly sedentary lifestyle: “Practicing physical activity is a powerful antidepressant. It favors the secretion of endorphins, or pleasure hormones ".

What is recommended, therefore, to eat generally and above all in such phases:

  • Fibers: prolong the sense of satiety
  • Foods rich in vitamins B: antidepressant action
  • Foods containing tryptophan: promotes the secretion of serotonin
  • Foods containing magnesium: myorelaxing effect
  • Foods containing Omega 3: good fats
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