New life for the placenta, now mothers use it to plant trees

New life for the placenta, now mothers use it to plant trees

The initiative, conceived by a US company, aims to celebrate the birth and create an eternal memory of the day of birth

Giving birth to a child is an indescribable feeling and offers unique emotions. To celebrate this event, there are different traditions and "customs" (some even questionable) but surely all this is related to the importance that the placenta has acquired in recent years and from here, recently, an American company is promoting a new particular idea: use the placenta to plant trees.

The intuition is the result of the creativity of Bryce Robert who, following the death of his beloved dog, became aware of the existence of Bios Urn, a capsule designed to contain the ashes of loved ones. He wondered, therefore, if the concept could be adapted. Thus, for some time, his company "Happy Birth Tree" was born, which invented a product called Bios Capsule. This conical biodegradable device is divided into two sections: the upper part contains the space for the soil and the seed, while the lower part is the one in which to place the placenta. Just sow the mixture and water it, as you would any other plant, to grow the type of tree you want. Each Bios capsule, available online, costs £ 163.79.

In a post on the website, the company to promote this initiative explained that the invention is intended as an "eternal reminder of your very special day. This tree will celebrate the life (of your child), becoming part of you, your child and the family ". And again: "The tree will be the same age as your child and will grow side by side with him. You will be able to spend precious time, creating beautiful memories with your little one while you feed it and, at the same time, watch the plant grow leaf by leaf ”.

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