New trends for 2016 diets

New trends for 2016 diets

The new year and the approach of summer is a fixed thought for everyone: diet. Also this year, 2016 diets are characterized by fashions and trends

Diets have always been one of the biggest trends of the year to come. Every season a new method is proposed by experts to lose weight, stay fit and healthy. And why not, sometimes even the big international stars bring themselves to propose their wellness system. In any case, also for this 2016, fashion in terms of diets is able to suggest the right system for you. Physical balance adds to mental balance, and the goal is always one: to lose weight in the healthiest way possible for our body, without exaggerating.

The first great enemy of our health is sugar: no to carbonated drinks and too sweet foods. Not only to avoid the risk of obesity, but also and above all to avoid incurring serious diseases such as diabetes or not being forced to go to the dentist to treat dental caries. Salt consumption must also be considerably reduced: by now we are exaggerating in using it. Much better to use spices, even oriental ones, which have antioxidant, antibacterial power and possess digestive and healing properties.

Overseas fashions advise us to consume matcha tea, that green substance that we now find everywhere. In addition, the suggestion is to take supplements for minerals and magnesium. In fact, it is enough to simply eat more vegetables and legumes, which are full of minerals. Remember that in Italy most of the foods introduced on the market are controlled and, therefore, there is no need to integrate with artificial products. In addition, another must is algae: nutritious and rich in iodine, they can supplement our diet and do well.

The health of our intestine is fundamental for our well-being. For this reason, it is advisable to pay attention to the growth of the bacterial flora harmful to health by eating artichokes: rich in inulin, they promote digestion and help fight the bacterial flora. And finally, directly from grandma's remedies, chicken bone broth will help to regenerate you. It is an antidote against all aches and pains. Better if enriched with spices and filtered, it increases the immune defenses thanks to the nutrients contained in the bones and marrow of the chicken.

In conclusion, whatever diet you intend to follow, there are two tips. The first is to try to buy natural and non-industrially produced foods: therefore the farmer's vegetables are better than the supermarket! And then, remember to supplement the weekly diet with a healthy and constant physical activity.

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