New Year's Eve on TV, Roberto Bolle: "Dance with me, a good omen for 2021"

New Year's Eve on TV, Roberto Bolle: "Dance with me, a good omen for 2021"

Roberto Bolle, host of Mara Venier at "Domenica In", presented his "Danza con me" which will accompany the audience on New Year's Eve

Roberto Bolle, the dancer who conquered everyone

The last episode of 2020 on Domenica In gave viewers an explosion of beauty and talent: the dancer Roberto Bolle connected from Milan with the hostess Mara Venier, for an interview between past and present that he dug into memories of the étoile but also looking to the near future.

There are no hugs, no physical contact both in work and in everyday life, said Roberto Bolle, but this has not weakened his passion and the great charge of energy and desire to do that have always distinguished him. It is no coincidence that even in a difficult year like 2020 he managed to complete his projects, especially the fourth edition of Danza con me which on Friday 1 January 2021 will keep the viewers of Rai 1 company with a show based on dance, art and beauty.

He has come a long way since, as a child, he entered the world of dance. At first watching Fantastico, his favorite program with a very young Heather Parisi who passed on to him the passion for dancing. Then later, when only 11 years from Vercelli he moved to Milan to audition the most coveted of all dancers: the one for La Scala. Roberto Bolle recalled how fundamental the contribution of the parents who have always supported him in his passion was. It is also thanks to them that that child was able to make his dreams come true. And then the unexpected encounter with the undisputed myth of world dance, Rudolf Nureyev, and at the age of 21 the goal of principal dancer at La Scala, where he grew up and studied with passion and commitment.

A life based on discipline, lots of training but also satisfactions that fill the heart. And in this sense Danza con me is now an unmissable appointment, not only for the public but also for the artist who cares about this show as if it were his own creature. Also this year it will be broadcast on 1 January starting at 9.25pm ​​on Rai1, bringing dance and beauty to start the year in the best possible way. “It is now the fourth edition and it has become an appointment that many people are waiting for and not only in the world of dance. And this makes me really happy because it is a bit of a habit that enters the homes of Italians and brings, thanks to this transmission, a lot of dance, and therefore a lot of beauty, magic, poetry of dance. So let's try to start the new year in the best possible way with a good wish of hope and art ".

Many surprises for viewers, but above all, many guests who will accompany Roberto Bolle on this journey dedicated to art. On the one hand the conductors Francesco Montanari, Stefano Fresi and the splendid Miriam Leone, on the other a rich and varied cast: Ghali, Michelle Hunziker, Fabio Caressa, Diodato and the rocker of Italy, Vasco Rossi.

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