Nina Moric against Corona for Carlos: "It's a money machine for his father"

Nina Moric against Corona for Carlos: "It's a money machine for his father"

On Instagram, Nina Moric attacks her ex-husband Fabrizio Corona for his son Carlos: "It's a money machine for his father"

Fabrizio Corona and Nina Moric, the story of their love

Nina Moric doesn't like it and on Instagram she launches precise accusations against Fabrizio Corona, accused of exploiting the image of his son Carlos and of considering him "a money machine". The model published some comments against her ex-husband in the Stories, showing a photo of the couple's son in a restaurant in Tuscany. According to Nina, Fabrizio would have signed a contract for the boy, turning him into a testimonial.

“A nightmare – wrote Moric -. I would like to take the holidays with my son, but the father "sells" his presence at a restaurant in Forte dei Marmi and has Carlos accompany him to complete what he has contracted for. Now Carlos is 18 and this horror will never end. It's a money machine for his father, a bargaining chip !!! Lord have mercy. Fabrizio Corona, do you love our son? Now I understand why no one answers me ”.

Words that come after the long interview released by Corona in which he spoke of the celebrations for Carlos' 18 years and the relationship with his son. On that occasion, the boy explained that he had experienced a very difficult moment after his father's last arrest. "After my father's last arrest I had serious psychological problems – Moric's son admitted -. I closed myself to the world. My studies and religion saved me. My dad is a determined, gritty person who puts character in everything he does. He has no preconceptions, he is very open. And, over time, he became less impulsive. My mom, Nina Moric is a sweet person. In some moments she needs to be pampered, she is a bit fragile, because she has suffered so much ".

Corona had reiterated the love for his son and the desire to change. "The last time I was in prison, from March to December last year, it was the most difficult of my whole life – he revealed – because my son, who had already faced psychological problems related to me and his mother , had a real breakdown. I had already reassembled the family with Nina two years ago, when I brought Carlos back to her and got her back to joint custody. Now that we are all together again, my son is another person, he has regained physical and psychological well-being and has started smiling again. He saved me from myself because he gave me stability, I need him to be well as he needs me. He advises me, controls me, keeps me in the rules ”.

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