Nina Moric confesses: "I am proud of Fabrizio Corona"

Nina Moric confesses: "I am proud of Fabrizio Corona"

On Instagram, Nina Moric returns to talk about her relationship with Fabrizio Corona, Carlos' ex-husband and dad

Nina Moric: life, loves, boyfriends and changes of look

Nina Moric has a new partner, but the bond with Fabrizio Corona continues to be indissoluble. It was 2001 when the model and the then king of the paparazzi swore eternal love. A lot of time has passed since then, they no longer form a couple, but they are still linked by the love for Carlos, their only child, and by mutual respect. Nina never left Fabrizio, even during the darkest period of her life, while he supported her in her battle against the ex Luigi Mario Favoloso.

Today Nina has found love again, despite this she does not forget Fabrizio, as she revealed in Instagram Stories. “Carlos is spending time with his father. Just so it is – said Moric, revealing that he will soon leave for the holidays with his son -, unfortunately Fabrizio cannot be there ”. The model explained to her followers that, after so many years, Corona and Carlos have managed to build an excellent relationship and are very close thanks to a "harmony between males". "They are in love lost with each other – she said -. I am proud of Fabrizio. A great and wonderful father (…) I love you both madly. "

An affection, that of Nina towards Corona, widely reciprocated. Some time ago, as a guest of Verissimo, Fabrizio had spoken of his love for the model and their particular relationship. "I think that over time love changes – the former king of paparazzi had revealed to Silvia Toffanin – and then she is right when she says that if one day we had to try to get back together it would not last long. I think that love turns into something different. For Nina I feel a particular good that is an affective protective good, for her I feel a good that goes beyond everything. But we can stay 3-4-5 months without feeling the good I feel towards her is immense, unique ".

Currently Nina is linked to a mysterious man who showed on Instagram, while the ex-husband is still single after the end of the story with Silvia Provvedi (today Nicole's mother) and, subsequently, the very short flirtation with Asia Argento.

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