Nina Moric replies to Fabrizio Corona: "I hope Carlos will not be disappointed"

Nina Moric replies to Fabrizio Corona: "I hope Carlos will not be disappointed"

After Fabrizio Corona's interview with the weekly Chi about Carlos and his loves, Nina Moric intervenes

Fabrizio Corona and Nina Moric, the story of their love

Nina Moric replies to Fabrizio Corona after the interview with the weekly magazine Chi in which she talked about Carlos, but also about their love story. The ex-couple's son has just turned 18 and the best gift was seeing the family reunited. After years of struggle and being apart, the former king of paparazzi and the model have made peace for the good of Carlos. In a long confession to Alfonso Signorini's magazine, the first after his release from prison, Corona spoke about his son and his relationship with his ex-wife.

“He has an IQ above the average – he said -, loves knowledge and is able to talk about any topic. He saved me from myself because he gave me stability, I need him to be well as he needs me. He advises me, controls me, keeps me in the rules. "

Corona then spoke of the love stories he lived with Nina Moric and Belen Rodriguez. “I never understood if I really loved them because, in my sick vision, they were the tool that allowed me to become more famous,” he admitted. Without sparing even the other exes. "I built a media project", said Silvia Provvedi, while on Zoe Cristofoli he added "despite 5 years on social media it ended up in the newspapers after a week with me". The former king of the paparazzi also recalled the flirtation with Asia Argento: "We never talked about it before he was with me".

Nina Moric's response to the interview arrived on Instagram where the model replied to questions from fans, commenting on the ex's statements. “But he doesn't even love himself – he said -, that's why he can't love anyone. Unfortunately I am very sorry for him because in the end he is a lonely man. I hope that Carlos will not be disappointed ”.

“I only think of Carlos, the rest is pure fiction – added Nina -. Now we have stopped pretending and that's why under my last post I wrote 'silence is scary'. If only I could talk I'd open a Pandora's box. But I don't want to dwell on it and in the end I love him, only that he suffers from a delusion of omnipotence ”.

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