Nina Moric, the reprimand to her son Carlos: "Go back to what you were"

Nina Moric, the reprimand to her son Carlos: "Go back to what you were"

Nina Moric apologizes on Instagram for some offensive phrases of her son Carlos and, after having harshly reprimanded him, launches an appeal

Fabrizio Corona and Nina Moric, the story of their love

Nina Moric, through her social channels, was particularly annoyed and worried about the behavior assumed by her son Carlos Maria, recently eighteen. If, in recent days, she indulged in vitriolic attacks against Fabrizio Corona, the boy's father, now she has decided to speak to her firstborn, scolding him harshly.

Nina has no doubts: Carlos is an extremely sweet, polite and sensitive person. Some of his recent behaviors, made public through stories on Instagram, have, however, raised the indignation of web users, amazed by some particularly offensive words spoken by the 18-year-old. The showgirl thus intervened with a warning for her son:

Shame on Carlos for what you say. And since I can't find words for the embarrassment and disappointment I feel towards you, I apologize. […] Believe me, it's not in him.

Harsh words, which are those of a mother who is sorry for her son's recent actions. Moric, in this way, wanted to apologize to those who felt offended by Carlos's words, emphasizing that this is not the kind of education she has given in recent years and that she no longer recognizes in him the same boy who, until recently long ago, he read and argued essays on philosophy.

Nina Moric then returned to speak directly to her son, currently in the company of her father Fabrizio Corona, asking him to return to what it once was and to abandon any aggressive behavior:

Carlos, from you I learned that in life goodness, forgiveness and meekness are the real darts of light to defeat all evil … this aggression in ways and in words does not belong to you. Go back to what you were. A wonderful guy.

The statements by Nina Moric, thus, are added to the accusations made against Fabrizio Corona. The showgirl, in fact, said that for her ex-husband, Carlos would only represent a way to make more money. Moreover, despite her will, she would not have been able to share any holiday moments with her son, precisely because of the interference of her father.

If Nina has indulged in public comments, no response comes from Fabrizio Corona and Carlos Maria. Will the three be able to find a meeting point?

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