Nina Moric, who is the new boyfriend Carlo Galatà

Nina Moric has chosen to go ahead and find some peace, announcing a new love: who is Carlo Galatà, surgeon from Catania

Nina Moric had a life to say the least “local”, to resume her debut in the video of the well-known song by Ricky Martin. An existence between ups and downs, a son, Carlos, several former loves – including Fabrizio Corona, the most important – and now a new boyfriend, a surgeon from Catania, Carlo Galatà. To share the official news was herself on her Instagram profile: she does not want to hide, but to live this young love in the light of the sun, without shadows or indiscretions.

Who is Carlo Galatà, the new boyfriend of Nina Moric

In recent times, the hypothesis of a return of the flame between Nina Moric and Fabrizio Corona had made its way. A rumor that has remained so, from the moment the model shared some shots of complicity with Carlo Galatà on social networks. The Sicilian plastic surgeon is 36 years old, and it seems that the most beautiful of sparks has taken place between them.

The photos showed some very affectionate attitudes: a hug, some cuddles. The All Saints’ Bridge was the ideal opportunity for Nina and Carlo to spend a few days together, in the midst of nature, away from everyone. Until these days, the model had not yet made known her new date. He probably wanted to enjoy the first few weeks without any gossip first.

In any case, Carlo Galatà is not a name linked to the world of entertainment. We know that he works between Catania and Barcelona, ​​in a Catania aesthetic clinic: this is information found on his Instagram profile. In any case, there are also some shots that portray him together with Valeria Marini and Giovanni Ciacci.

The love story with Fabrizio Corona

One of the most troubled love stories of pink chat in the last twenty years: Nina Moric and Fabrizio Corona have experienced a swing of emotions. From the meeting to their marriage, Carlos’ birth and divorce, their bond has often been at the center of the controversy. In the last period, Corona has also shared photos showing a newfound complicity with Moric.

Furthermore, the news of the cohabitation had foreshadowed the possibility of the return of one of the most discussed couples ever. The choice of the shared house was not a coincidence: the two had in fact made the decision for the good of their son Carlos, whom they have always put first. And it is Carlos who continues to unite Nina and Fabrizio.

Carlos Corona, girlfriend Antonella Fiordelisi (same as Moric)

Carlos Corona also recently found love, just like his mother: she is Antonella Fiordelisi and is very similar in features to Nina. Born in 1998, she is a fencer, as well as an influencer. In the Moric-Corona house, love is blossoming again, and we hope for the best way, with no more shadows and with the much desired peace that Nina has always sought in recent years.

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