No décolleté, here are four ways to wear a mini dress in summer

Abiti corti con scarpe 5-7-22

For those with a shorter boyfriend this is normal but for all the others it should be a real joy. Yes, because today the mini dresses that are popular on social media and in the streets by the sea in summer are worn with comfortable shoes. Let’s see which ones to choose.

While waiting to go back to showing off stratospheric heels, we can go out relaxed with ankle boots and sneakers of order.

Short dresses with shoes 5-7-22

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The match “dress and sandal with thin heel or décolleté” is over. For a young and fresh look, it is better to focus on these combinations.

Here is what it is good to wear a short dress with this summer

The first idea is a lace mini dress (white, beige or cool pink) that has thin straps – it must be very feminine – to wear with black amphibians or similar boots with a tank sole.

Short dress with amphibians 5-7-22

Source: Pinterest.

Obviously this outfit would be better to wear for an aperitif and not to go to the beach but the message is clear.

The second alternative is our beloved flat slipper. Now cleared also for the evening, maybe it will not make the lowest of us go crazy with happiness but the sense is that we must prefer it to any heel.

With one seventies boot he is never wrong. We stay away from Texan models, only granted on the island of Ibiza. Yes decided on natural leather, leather and the pastel shades seen on the lace-up models but stay away from black, for that there will be time in autumn. With a matching tight waistband, the success of the Instagram post is assured.

Short dress with booties 5-7-22

Source: Pinterest.

With espadrilles we will be children again. The Manebì slippers, for example, (currently discounted at 87 euros instead of 128 euros) multicolored with horizontal graphics and raised base – which will earn precious centimeters – are the passe-partout of the moment. If our short dress takes up one of the shades of the shoe, so much the better, but in any case it will look divinely good with naïve and not too tight styles.

While last summer the trend with mini dresses was to carry them with a small size bag – backpack, now the mood is, a bit for all occasions, to choose the bucket.

The important thing is to be careful not to mix too many fabrics and colors, no one likes to spend hundreds of euros to look like the gypsy of the Monte Carlo circus. Beautiful and expensive but still a circus.

Silvia Zanchi

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