No one has told you this before, this ingredient polishes wooden furniture and makes it look amazing

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There is an absolutely natural, sustainable and economical ingredient that will allow you to restore shine to your wooden furniture in no time. Here’s what it is.

It is said that the true value of a piece of furniture is given by the patina on it: yet the wooden ones tend to lose it really soon.

  wood luster

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This material, with the passage of time tends to wear out easily and soon becomes dark, dull, dull.

This it is a natural process of “aging” we could say. A bit like what happens to the skin, which over time loses its elasticity and tends to turn gray and lose its tone, in the same way the patina on the wood slowly changes its appearance.

Basically, being mainly made up of surface layers such as paints, in contact with light, it oxidizes. That’s why it changes color.

However, there are natural ways, at very low cost, to recover the patina and give the shine to our wooden furniture. Here’s what they are.

Here’s what to use to restore shine to your wooden furniture

The first natural method to restore shine to our wooden furniture it is an ingredient that for many is really unsuspected.

  wood luster

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This is of beer. Very few people know that, among its properties, there is also that of restoring shine, reviving the color, accentuating the nuances.

How to use it? We can simply take some and use it to moisten a microfiber cloth that we will pass on our furniture.

Exist alternatives, always natural, sustainable and low cost? Of course yes. Another solution for polishing wooden furniture is olive oil, which among other things also attracts dust, removing it completely (also this often visually changes the color of our furniture).

In this regard, here are the surefire natural remedies to eliminate it entirely from your home.

How to use it? Take some, mix it with denatured alcohol, gum turpentine (you can also buy it on the internet and it costs very little) and lemon juice. Try to use all of these ingredients in equal quantities.

Take a soft cloth, dip it in the liquid you have obtained and use it to clean your furniture. The result is immediate.

And again, another method that consists always using olive oil to restore the shine to your furniture wood.

Basically, you just need to fill 3/4 of a cup, the contents of which will be completed with a 1/4 of white apple cider vinegar. You will then have to mix everything well, take a cotton cloth, dip it and pass it on the piece of furniture.

The important thing in this case is to remember to make circular movements: these help the products to be better absorbed.

Finally, the last absolutely natural method to restore luster to wooden furniture is to use walnuts.

In this case, the only thing to do will be to take a quantity proportional to the size of the cabinet, chop them, add a little water and olive oil, wipe them with a cloth and then rub on the cabinet and let it dry.

When this has happened, you will simply have to take a soft cloth and wipe off any residue. For the shine to last, just repeat this operation once a week.

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