No painting and workers in the house! Say goodbye to rust on gratings and windows with these remedies

If you want to eliminate rust on grates, windows and balconies and say goodbye forever, here are some very simple methods that you can put into practice in no time.

Who has never suffered the negative effects of rain at home? Often this, in fact, generates humidity problems, which in turn lead to the formation of rust especially on external surfaces.

Eliminate rust

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How many times, after a downpour, do we find ourselves with “ruined” windows, balconies, doors?

This is normal, because iron, in contact with water, corrodes, giving life to this kind of reddish patina.

The problem, however, is not only purely aesthetic, as many believe: rust, in fact, can weaken the objects it comes into contact with and obviously when this forms on parts of the house such as doors, windows, balconies and the latter become more “Fragile” there can be some unpleasant consequences.

Obviously, however, there is a solution to everything, even to this problem. You know that you don’t need expensive solutions to get rid of rust at all, but there are some extremely cheap remedies to do it? Here’s what they are.

Here’s how to get rid of rust with some very simple methods

Remove the rust it can be really easy: you absolutely do not need workers or complex and expensive solutions to do it, but you can easily work out and solve everything by yourself.

Eliminate rust

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How to do? You have various options before your eyes, you just have to choose the one you think is easier for you.

The first is the simply use aluminum foil. It may seem really weird, but these are really useful for the purpose.

How to use them? You will simply have to cut them into small pieces, obtain balls – about 3 centimeters in diameter – and immerse them in the water (and leave them here for at least a minute).

After this very short period of time, you can pass them on the rust, which will immediately go away as if by magic.

Another solution is lemon: its acidity in fact manages to counteract rust. You will then simply have to pour some juice into a container, add half a tablespoon of salt, mix everything and apply what you get on your doors, windows, balconies and everything on which this unpleasant “patina” has formed.

You will then simply have to let this mix sit for a couple of hours and then scrub everything (even with a toothbrush you don’t use).

Another solution for say goodbye to rust is Coke: for many it is a trick already seen.

Time since a video was running on the web in which this method was shown and everyone seeing it was speechless and wondered what effect this drink could have in our stomach, if on the surfaces it can even remove dust.

This we could ask a doctor, but in the meantime, know that the veracity of that video is confirmed: it was absolutely not a fake, nor a photomontage, it was all real.

In fact, just pour a little Coca Cola on the surfaces on which the rust has formed and let it act for at least a couple of hours.

After this time all you need is some tissue paper, that you will have to pass over the affected areas, which will be practically as good as new.

The ultimate solution to remove rust is bicarbonate. Among the many purposes for which it serves, there is also this.

How to use it? You simply need to pour about 4 tablespoons into a container full of water (you will need about 100 ml).

At that point you will have to apply the solution thus obtained on the rust and leave it to act for only 5 minutes, then pass over a toothbrush, which you will need to make the surface perfectly shiny again.

Speaking of baking soda, you can’t imagine what happens the next day if you leave it in the fridge overnight.

In any case, now you know that removing limescale from windows, balconies, doors and so on is really easy.