No poo and cowash for hair: what they are and how they work

No poo and cowash for hair: what they are and how they work

To have healthy and shiny hair it is better to wash them without shampoo: find out more about the no poo trend

How to wash your hair without shampoo? With no-poo. This fashion is spreading more and more, both among us mere mortals and among VIPs and consists of washing with natural substances, such as sodium bicarbonate. There are rules to follow to always have top-quality hair that includes the use of conditioner, but how about using it alone as a cowash beauty treatment? Let's see better what it is and how to wash your hair according to these new trends.

What is the no-poo method

Literally the expression no-poo indicates the action of washing your hair, but without using shampoo. Washing hair every day with products rich in sulphates tends to ruin them and that offered by no-poo is the best solution for having clean but healthy hair.

The true followers of no-poo do not use any type of product, except water, to wash their hair, even if the classic method involves the use of a mixture of sodium bicarbonate, water and a few drops of essential oil of rosemary or argan. The treatment is followed by rinsing with water and apple vinegar or powdered herbs or clay. If you are not convinced you can start using low-poo products and then move on to the actual no-poo.

What is the method of cowash

If you are looking for an alternative method to no-poo on how to wash your hair more naturally, you can try the cowash. Literally this definition means conditionner wash, that is the hair washing that is done using only the balm, to which you can also add sugar, which acts as a scrub. This treatment is particularly suitable for those with oily or fragile hair. To prepare your cowash treatment, combine half a glass of sugar with half a glass of balsam (which does not contain silicones). Once ready apply it with circular movements and leave it in place for 5 minutes. Then rinse everything with warm water.

The advantages of shampoo-free washing

Wash your hair with water only, or by doing no-poo, where you poo, it's for shampoo, as well as being fashionable is good for your hair. The no-poo trend has as its mantra "hurting your hair too much", and its main advantages are:

  • rebalances the right amount of sebum;
  • keeps the follicle healthy.

If you wonder how to wash your hair so as not to alter the level of sebum, you must first know that it is the cause of its alteration is the action of the chemicals contained in most of the shampoos on the market. In practice, every time you wash your hair because of the chemicals in the soap, excess sebum is produced. This has the function of wrapping the hair to protect it, but if it is produced too much it causes the hair to look dirty and greasy instead. This will not happen if you start washing your hair without shampoo.

Another advantage that comes from the no-poo method is less stress on the follicles, with the result that the hair will look shinier and healthier. Sodium lauryl sulphate is a very aggressive surfactant, present in many hair-cleaning products, which greatly damage follicles. Eliminate the use of these substances and in a short time you will see how your hair will look more beautiful and healthy. Here you will find a list of the harmful ingredients present in the shampoos, to avoid for the beauty of the hair.

Does no-poo work for everyone?

How to wash your hair without shampoo and get good results. The no-poo seems the right solution, but unfortunately it is not for everyone. In some cases it seems to give negative results, such as excessive hair loss. This appears to be related to sodium bicarbonate, which is alkaline and could cause problems with the skin's pH, although its action should be balanced by final rinsing with apple vinegar. However, there are many cases of enthusiastic people in the no-poo treatment, such as the case of the blogger who has not washed her hair for 8 months.

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