No sooner said than done, Bianca Guaccero returns to TV: the appeal on Instagram

No sooner said than done, Bianca Guaccero returns to TV: the appeal on Instagram

Bianca Guaccero returns to TV with Detto Fatto: launches an appeal to the fans: "Be lenient" and make a promise

Bianca Guaccero, Said Made 2019-2020: look and curiosity

Bianca Guaccero returns to TV with Detto Fatto from Monday 11 May. To officialize it is the presenter herself with a message on Instagram where she launches an appeal to ask her audience for clemency.

Bianca shared a photo on Instagram that portrays her in the dressing room, together with the make-up and wig team who unfortunately will not be at his side when Detto Fatto is filmed. The conductor will therefore be forced to do everything herself, for this she asks in advance to be lenient with her and forgive her if the make up is not perfect. In short, to avoid contemptuous (and unnecessary) criticism, Bianca apologizes in advance for any burrs.

"Our great team … that dressing room that attends the show every day on the show … I'll miss you guys … but I'll try to do your best. From Monday we start again, I will do everything by myself so you are kind at home too! ", The beautiful presenter therefore appeals to the good heart of her audience to avoid criticism of her looks.

But the absence of make up artist and hair stylist will not be the only novelty to Detto Fatto. In fact, Guaccero specifies: "We will have changes, but it will always be us!". And then he makes a promise to all those who will watch his broadcast: "We start again, and we do it for all the love that you always show us even in a situation like this. I will do my best to snatch a few smiles from you, now you know me, I can't be different from this … 😉 ".

Bianca concludes with a thought of thanks to all those who work to save the lives of sick people: “my deepest thanks go to all the people who working in the hospital have seen real suffering in their faces. To those people we extend all our gratitude, our esteem, because they never stopped, because they were fathers, mothers, children, for those sick people who could not even shake hands with loved ones while they were hospitalized … they risked the their own lives, and they did it in silence. Thank you all! ".

Fans are enthusiastic about the idea that Guaccero returns to TV and many of them write encouraging messages on Instagram: "Bianca you are very good … surely you will be up to this new working situation .. we audiences are close to you, even if far away. Strength and courage, together we will make it. "

And again: “Bianca thank you for all you have done for us in this quarantine and a big good luck for your return to Detto Fatto… I imagine how difficult it will be for you both as a mother and as an artist, but we will be there public to support you as you deserve … we hope it will be enough to make you feel less alone ".

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